Things that ease me…..

Some days are just not our days, sometimes things don’t go as planned no matter how hard you try. There are days where we wish we could travel back in time to start all over again, on such days it is best to stay calm and take a few minutes to get a hold of your thoughts and feelings.  Although if you work for an organisation it may be hard to take a break, during such times you should focus on the positives of the scenario and wait patiently for the storm to pass.

I know everyone has different feelings and ways of handling situations, and I’m sure a lot of us think of doing terrible stuff under pressure, things that we would generally not think of with a cool mind.

Listed below are the four things I like to do on such days to comfort and bring peace to my mind.

  • Writing – no matter how bad my day is, writing always helps to make me feel better. After a long and trying day penning down all my emotions brings sort of relief. Pouring my heart out is the best possible remedy for a bad day.
  • Reading – reading is one of the best ways to escape from all the negativity you have faced in the day. Personally, it helps me escape the real world and focus on something more positive.
  • Music – listening to music is proven to be extremely soothing, it’s one of the most effective ways to calm yourself. I often do this at office as it’s the quickest and easiest method to apply. Trust me, just plug-in your headphones and listen to some slow and comforting music to ease the tension.
  • Running – Although running is not an easily accessible method, it does help in calming my nerves. My daily dose of running has proven to help me stay focused and calm in trying times. It also helps in getting rid of your laziness and gives you a healthier lifestyle.

So what are the things you do in order to calm yourself on a bad day? I’m eager to read your replies 🙂

8 thoughts on “Things that ease me…..

  1. cat h bradley

    I agree, running is very helpful for anxiety–clears your mind. I often wonder how different the world would be if everyone was more active–it would relieve so much stress! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed your post!

  2. Bhumii R Parwani

    Well penned…..yes everybody has his share of ups and downs..some days are difficult and things don’t seem to go our way…As you said, shifting focus on something more positive and productive is the key.
    As we share similar interests of reading writing running exercising music, these are my ways of rejuvenating too.
    Tennis is another antidote & cooking calms and relaxes me too.
    Wishing u a happy fun filled evening ahead! Keep writing!

  3. Pinky kapoor

    As always your blogs are superb the way you express
    Well I keep myself calm n cool by reading book I feel I get solutions from book
    Second I go out for a nice walk with my earphone n music…that’s has always helped me

  4. Kamakshi Shailesh Soni

    Well said..rather to say..well written
    For me music and running with music; both are the best ones for me to calm and get relaxed
    Music energises me but at the same time gives relaxed mind…running makes my heart pumps fast but at the same time is a stress buster!!!
    Above all..nothing makes me instantly happy are the dogs and the pups..i get charged seeing them no matter burden i have!


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