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Reminiscing good old days

This is a long pending post which actually I had forgotten to publish it…….

Those were the innocent days of wearing same colour school uniform, same black shoes, covering text books with brown paper, childhood crushes, school classes, tutions & exams and all those teachers & unforgettable picnics, traveling to school & back home with friends, sharing tiffin in recess break..

And right back to the present of office meetings, dashing off to catch the 8.17am local train, grabbing a seat, making sure to reach before the cut-off time to attend day long meetings and then all of sudden a thought pops up “hey why don’t we all school friends just meet up to catch up on those old school days & have a nice get together”

Well getting to the point, we had a rocking school reunion few weeks back (this was my 5th reunion and all of these 5 reunions I have been a helping hand to organise it). And to mention that I along with 2 other school friends had done all the planning and arrangement (this was my 5th reunion . It was our joint efforts from last more than 1 month which made the event successful.

We, specially my friend PK and myself did lots of planning and brainstorming for the reunion event. Numerous phone calls every day, coffee meetings on weekends, the do’s and don’ts wherein all can enjoy and yes ofcourse the laymen thinking of budgetary issue. All 5 fingers of ours are not same, similarly mindset of 50+ people whom we expected cannot be the same. Pleasing each of them was the most tedious task.

Every alternate day there was some twist and turn in our road to the reunion. Hurdles are always welcome and they set the challenge for us. Overcoming them was the most exciting part. Frankly, initially I had thought of dropping off the idea but PK stood strong and always pulled me in for the exciting ride. Thanks PK for it.

Pulling it off from me-out-from-planning-a-reunion to a successful one was a proud moment. Getting intouch with school friends through social media spread across the globe, passing on the communication without missing anyone and most importantly not letting off the momentum which we had managed to build it from day 1 of announcing the reunion date.

Finally the d day was here and we as a facilitator were bit nervous as in hoping that all the pieces which we had planned out should fall out in the right place. The endless chit-chats, loud giggles, still the habit of pulling each other legs, clicking plenty of pictures with each other, dancing, singing, swaying and ofcourse hugging each other and not wanting the night-to-end so soon.

Frankly everything did go well as per our planning and all those who had attended the reunion had ball of a time. Meeting childhood friends took us 24 years back in our school days trying to recollect moments of our life which were full of fun and joy.

There was a lot to learn when we put together the feedback we received from our friends. And I’m sure the next time we plan a school get together it will only be more fun.

Some of the feedback we received are as follows :-

feedback2feedback1 feedback feedback3IMG_5794

Pages in time

readingJust few days back one of my friend asked me “if I really read books, that I keep updating my status on Facebook”. So here is the answer to it.

Reading is an old companion of mine which had somehow lost its way few years back is now back with me. I recollect very well during my school & college days whenever I had free time , apart from playing with my friends I use to read books. Well at that time I use to read comic books like Archies, Tintin, Tinkle, Phantom, etc.

As time went by I somehow lost the habit. Maybe I was too busy with other things or rather there were other things which were more interesting than reading.

After all these years it so happened that one of my friends PC send me a pdf of Chetan Bhagat’s book through mail. Initially without much interest I started reading it. As I scrolled through page by page everyday (I only use to read during my travel in train to office) That interest of reading started latched on all over again. PC Thanks for waking up the out-of-action reading habit within me. By the time I finished the book I was looking forward to more reading. I started exploring options of reading books and then my cousin SS told me of couple of places where I can get books to read on rental basis incase I don’t want to buy. Meanwhile I already had purchase few books online to read on Kindle app.

So here on again I found my old pal in way of reading books. Reading helps me get peace of mind. Reading helps me run down memory lane of my young days. Reading helps me to gain strength and become more stronger (ofcourse not physical strength). Now I always carry a book with me and always looking for an opportunity to read it.

I am not a person who can finish a book at one go but if the topic/story is interesting then I do wanna finish the book at rapid pace. I like to read more of non-fiction books. I do prefer to read paper books as compare to ebooks; the reason as to why i prefer paper books is over here…

It’s not only myself but my wife and my daughter (only during holidays) have got into the habit of reading. I and my wife between us, many times do give ratings of the common books which we read.

There is a nice handy website through which i keep track of my friend’s book list and also I can check which book has better rating and how many books an author has published till now.

You can also go through my book shelf by clicking here..