What if …..

I was deaf and dumb (mute)….

Yesterday morning as I was walking to my office, I noticed 5 handsome young boys (rather men) with neat shaven, dressed in blue denims with formal shirt and all carrying similar backpacks on their shoulder. They all were walking ahead of me and I was following them.
Hello, don’t get me wrong, the reason I was following them, was here were 5 well dressed men, who were so busy engrossed communicating with each other in “sign language”.

This increased my curiosity and I continued to follow them, so much so that I took a de tour to my office. In my mind I was thinking about these 5 of them – dynamic men. I was sure these guys were headed upto some mission.

I wonder how life would be if I wasn’t able to talk. How would I explain things to others, or demand things, or for that matter how would I get things done.
What about the juicy gossip? How would I rant about my frustration?
How would I talk about my joys, or my sadness, my achievements?

Well me and my never-ending thoughts 🙂

So back to those guys. I increased my speed so that I could walk besides them and as I wanted to try to understand their conversation. At one point of time, along the way, they all stopped at a small restaurant and one of them asked if they should have a cup of tea by means of hand communication. I was happy with myself, as I was able to understand their sign language, something which I was trying to figure out for a while.

In the midst of all this, I realized that these guys were deaf as well. It so happened that as they stood there talking, there was a guy on a bike who was trying to get their attention to move aside by blowing the horn but there was no reaction – they just stood there. Luckily one of them, did notice the man on the bike and they stepped aside.

This was another shock for me. Here were 5 handsome young guys and yet all of them were deaf and dumb.

Life is so uncertain. Faith plays a very important role. I cannot imagine being a deaf and dumb person. I would miss hearing the chirping of the birds, the honking of the vehicles, the thundering of the sky, the wind blowing, the bells in the temple and of course great music like those of A R Rehman and the likes.

This incident of these 5 men, took me back to my childhood days, watching Doordarshan (National channel of Indian Television) which used to telecast the news for the deaf and dumb every Sunday.I am not sure if they still continue to air this programme as I rarely watch this channel these days.

Well, my journey following these 5 men stopped as they entered a building and that’s when I realised, I was late for work.

I was lost in a small world with these 5 men and thinking “What if”

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