Please pay respect …..

Since yesterday there is a video which has gone viral on social media about how a family in PVR cinema did not stand up for the National Anthem which plays before the start of every movie and then later on the audience did not allow the family to watch the movie and the movie was held up till the time that “family” was sent out of the cinema hall. The video, which someone in the cinema hall has shot it was floating on all social media sites including Whatsapp messenger. Today, all the leading newspapers are carrying out the headlines of the same.

Well actually if someone ask my opinion then I feel that the steps which the audience took were absolutely correct. A National Anthem is the pride of the country and one has to give respect for it, whether you belong to that country or not. And it’s just a matter of few minutes wherein you have to stand till the National anthem is sung and if one cannot do that then that person should be thrown out of our country tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081.

National Anthems are sung before start of many games like football and cricket and till the time both the countries National Anthems are sung no one in the spectator area sits down irrespective of which country you are supporting.

Incase you have missed my earlier post then you can read it here “Can we sing it daily” where in I had clearly expressed my views on making it sort of compulsory to sing our Nation Anthem daily in offices too, the same like we used to do and our children are doing it daily in school.

Our National Anthem is so beautifully composed that it automatically generates positive vibes and energy in our self and pride for our country. I am sure every citizen of their respective country would be getting the same feeling as I do. After hearing the national anthem the adrenaline rush in us, to do something good and better for our country shoots up to its highest level.

So it’s my humble request that please do respect any country’s National Anthem even if you don’t understand the meaning of it but paying respect is a responsibility of ours.

4 thoughts on “Please pay respect …..

  1. teena

    Very true .. But somehow have you ever noticed, as the Anthem plays on, how many of us standing are actually singing the anthem .. Most of us just stand .. But no one sings it.
    But I agree, a little respect for the anthem won’t hurt anyone. And you are right worldwide as country’s anthems play on, people take pride in both standing up and singing it with pride.

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Very nice observation. I purposely do not mention about this as people have issue just standing till the anthem is sung, singing along is a long way.

  2. Bhavesh

    I like it and very true words but I have different opinion for having it played in office. We had that at my current work place at 9 am and it was tough time for me as I had compulsory customer call between 8:30 to 9:30. To give respect I must stand but some cases if I need operate the laptop , it was tough for me. Also the background use to divert the attention of people on phone . As I work for customer I cannot advice to change time also. Finally someone complaint and the culture stopped. It was great relief for me as my condition was almost like the Muslim family.

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Bhavesh there are times wherein one gets stuck in something like the situation you have mentioned but from deep within your heart you never wanted to avoid paying respect. And I don’t think there are compulsory customer calls everyday.


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