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Magical Dubai

I had recently been to Dubai (one of the 7 emirates in UAE) and this was the first international tour for my family along with me, the first being my travel to US. Visiting Dubai was on my list since the last 3 years and every year I used to make an itinerary but somehow the idea never matured and I turned up visiting some different places.

If you have been to Dubai then you might be aware that this country has very strict law and order. The human value is considered to be high and is well taken care of by the government of UAE. The main reason law and order is maintained is due to the heavy fines or penalty been levied incase one is caught doing wrong.

Since this was the first international trip for my wife and daughter both of them were very much excited. Specially my daughter as she used to ask me lots of questions about Dubai and the places to visit every day. My daughter was more concerned whether all the bookings have been done and how we will be visiting each places in Dubai every day.

As always, I travelled to Dubai on my own and not through any tours and travel agency. I did detailed research on the places to be visited and how to reach there from the hotel I was staying. Thanks to the internet which helped me a lot of information. Initially it was only my family (just 3 of us) who had decided to travel but just few days before, one of my friend also decided to join me and we had good company all the way.

Well, Dubai has lots of tourist attractions and it is one of the most visited cities by tourist across the globe. The variety of attractions this small city has is amazing. Dubai has the world’s tallest building “Burj Khalifa”, it has the world’s fastest lift which carries people to 124th floor in just 60 seconds, “The Dubai Fountain” is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, “Dubai Mall” is the world’s biggest shopping mall which has 1200 shops, “Terminal 3” at Dubai International Airport is the largest airport terminal in the world, “Burj Al Arab” the 7 star hotel is built on man-made island, “Ferrari World” is the world’s biggest indoor theme park, it also has the world fastest roller coaster ride and ofcourse other major attractions like Ski Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Global Village, Desert Safari (includes car ride on sand dunes and belly dance show).

I am very impressed by the way they have been maintaining the city which is very neat, clean and pollution free. My thoughts before visiting this country was not very great and I had an image wherein I will be surrounded by either Arabians or Muslim people but it turned out to be exactly opposite of what I had imagined. Dubai has a cosmopolitan culture and most of them are foreigners.

We all had a fun time visiting all the world’s best places even though the schedule was hectic and we were jumping from one attraction to the other each day. Although at the end of each day we use to get very tired but our next day schedule attraction to be visited used to charge us and again from morning we were on our way to see the attractions of Dubai.

In addition I also met my school friend for coffee, my cousins for Lebanese dinner. If you are reading it than thanks for it and please ensure to get more Date palm.

All in all, my trip was awesome with lots of shopping for my wife and daughter 🙂 .

A must visit destination incase you have not done so.