Masculine or Feminine

Ok, I am not here to teach you any lessons on genders. I am sure by now you all must be teaching others how to differentiate between genders.

The other day I was discussing about the types of books I like to read with one of my friend and it was anonymously decided that I like more of fiction books as compared to non-fiction. If you have a look at My Bookshelf then it will justify my answer.

Well, the next question was whether I like to read books written by Male authors or Female authors. I was surprised to hear this. I personally till now have not given it much thought. I randomly pick up books and read. I am a sort of reader who is not very curious about the author’s personal life. I have never differentiated between genders while reading any books.

Man vs Woman

My interest is in fiction books and no matter who is the author (male or female) as long as the content and story of the book is good I just pick it up and start reading. I also do take suggestions and references from SS too.

I replied back to my friend that I never think about whether the book is written by a male or a female. But yes later on I did check my bookshelf and I discovered that I have read books more of men authors rather than women authors.

If I think about the plot and stories of all the books read, I feel all of them have written well. I don’t think that only a particular gender can write interesting stories. Now after this post I have decided to balance my reading between men and women authors.

And I would be happy to know from you:

Does the gender of the author matter to you when you pick a book to read? Does writing fiction have anything to do with gender? Do you know if you’ve read more books by women than men?

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