Recess time….


I am sure you must be checking on me as to why I have not posted anything for a long time. Well to be frank as I would not lie, the truth is I haven’t had any constructive ideas for quite a while which I can pen down. I am trying to write and it is just that the words are not coming to me. It seems like they have all been washed away along with the rains. I feel I am passing through a phase in which I have lots to say but unable to pen down my thoughts.

I would not deny that lately I have been too busy in my ever hectic life, be it personal front like socialising, daughter’s studies, partying out; or in professional front; visiting my Bangalore and Delhi branch offices in the last one month, getting absorbed in new projects and so on. But this should not have stopped me from posting anything.

Normally, the content of my posts strikes me anytime of the day, be it during my power nap, or during shower, or while traveling in trains. I mentally note down the points or if I have my phone with me then I scribble it in my notepad. Later on I pen it down and publish it immediately.

I feel the creativity inside me has gone into semi-unconscious mode. I will somehow have to pass this phase of blockage called the “Writer’s Block” (hoping it to be short and sweet) and absorb myself in other activities which will unwind me and help to wake up the creative “kidda” (worm) inside me 🙂

Till then I will enjoy my recess time ……. 🙂

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