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Happiness in meeting

Missing someone and not able to see them is the worst feeling ever. What to do if we badly miss someone? Someone whom we can rely on, someone who is the key to the lock, someone whom we have complete faith and trust. Well seeing this someone can only help to have a mental relief within oneself.

I do understand that everyone is busy in their own life (personal plus professional) but managing and removing time for others is very much important. In today’s tech world one even can have a video call and see each other no matter which part of the world you or the opposite person is located. But merely hearing or by seeing through the eye of the phone does not soothe you or help to get the feeling of being with the person physically.

As each day passes by our responsibilities keeps on adding. And we tend to get engrossed more and more in our work. More hard work means working towards earning more money. But in all this we forget that we have missed lots of things which we could have easily done so. That missing can be giving happiness to someone.

I many times get the feeling of missing some people in my life. The next moment, I am on call with that person deciding on the place to meet. No voice call or video call helps me when my need to meet that person is at the peak. Lately, from last couple of times I have been turned down of meeting on the same day and promised that we will meet soon and I fail to understand when will that soon be.

Although I respect each and everyone’s decision and I do understand that it is not necessary that when I am free or I feel like meeting someone then that someone should be free to meet. Anyways, with heavy heart I have to accept it and not left with any choice.

Today, all are working hard to cope with the day-to-day needs. But again never forget that incase you feel like meeting someone don’t hesitate and just go ahead and let that person know about it. And the same applies to self too, if someone calls you asking to meet don’t say no (unless you are forced to say no for genuine reason). It could mean a lot to the opposite person.

Have you also anytime felt the same?

07.18 local

Today I had an early start to my day and had to reach office early for a video call. I reached the train station and managed to get into the 07.18 am local. Seeing the indicator of the train as 07.18 my mind went into flashback. The train was relatively empty and I got a place to seat. As a normal routine I started reading my book but today my mind was wavering into the good old days… my college days early 90s.

Morning 07.18 train is always a history for me. Years before this is the train in which I had bumped into set of my college friends as my college timing was from 9am. If you are staying in Mumbai then you would know that the main rush hours in trains start after 7.30 am, so I always preferred catching the train as early as possible to avoid the maddening crowd.

Down memory lane during my college days, 7.18 am train was the fixed time that we all friends used to travel irrespective of our college start time. We had a fixed coach and fixed place since 2 of my friends used to come in that same train but from 2 stations before mine. Those days I used to stay at Malad (a suburb in Mumbai) and my college was in Worli area.

Every morning all of us (my college friends group) used to play cards while traveling, well the train journey was approx 45 minutes and we had to do something to kill time. Although during our exams we all used to study and discuss important topics but during rest of the days playing cards was on the list of activities. Today I got into the 7.18 train but now I travel in the First class compartment as compared to my college days where we all used to travel in the general class.

If I think about the amount of “masti” we used to do while traveling brings a smile on my face. I really miss hopping into the train, the big discussions on various topics, pulling each other legs, having snacks in the train, the loud noise while playing cards, the disturbance to others which could be noticed easily on the faces of the co-passengers who many a times used to give angry looks to all of us and ask us to shut our mouths. But even after all this, our giggling and playing of cards never stopped. 7.18 was the train we never used to miss and while departing at the end of the day our parting words were “see you tomorrow in 7.18”.

I miss those days and I still wish I can rewind my time and that we all… NP, SR, GD, HS ….. guys hope you listening to this … lets all plan to travel once again for a few days in the same train, same coach and same sitting place along with all the fun and “masti” we used to do during our college days.