Ideas galore at the right place….

I am sure you will find this post of mine a little funny, but great ideas always come to your mind when you goto the “loo”. It is about the usage of tissue paper, more specific it is about toilet paper smile.

Yes, the use of toilet paper, culture adopted from the western countries. I recollect my days when I was in the US way back in 2008 my first ever trip there. Although US is a country which is more technology savvy and highly disciplined in many ways as compared to India. But the one thing I did not like was the usage of toilet paper. The amount of tissue papers they use in a day is like there is no tomorrow. Americans are very much particular about hygiene and I think we should take an example from them. Especially the “Sulabh Shauchalaya” should learn how to be hygienic and should be taught how to keep public toilets clean. Each toilet in the US has paper napkin rolls either manual or auto disposable units. But none will have a water jet spray to clean your bum (butt, rear or backside) eek. Strange isn’t it?

We are not accustomed to using toilet paper and instead use the water jet spray which we feel is more comfortable and cost effective too wink. I clearly recollect that the Americans have “toilet paper rolls” as the first and foremost item on their shopping list. They buy huge packets so that it will last for a while. Maybe the country needs to learn how to save paper and inturn save trees and the environment. Imagine using tissue paper to clean your bum …. Yuck !! Gosh… I could not do it for the initial days during my stay in US. Well ! I had no choice also rolleyes.

I feel that all the manufacturers and suppliers of jet spray in India should send proposals to the US government for the benefits of using water jet sprays instead of tissue paper rolls and demonstrate the feeling of hot water (imagine washing up with hot water during the winters). Or if the Americans want to learn from us then they are most welcome to visit India wherein they might get to learn 2-3 more ways of washing up (although not hygienic). One early morning they just need to catch a Mumbai local and stand at the door. The sight of using empty plastic bottle or traditional old lota or small bucket will surely turn their facial expressions will be worth watching lol. Something not to miss for sure!!!

So the saying “The Best ideas come, when you are sitting on the toilet” holds true … did any of you ever get any brilliant ideas when sitting on the toilet seat ???

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