Gabbar is Back…

gabbar-is-backA well-directed and produced movie with a nicely written script. The theme of the movie is based on stopping corruption. Stopping CORRUPTION and that too in a country like India where to sit/stand at a place for sometime one needs to bribe someone. I also am an Indian and am proud of my country but the deepness of corruption which has penetrated into the hearts and minds of the people is beyond imaginable.

The current Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi’s agenda is also to stop corruption and I am sure his government is also working on the same line. But as the saying goes “Change doesn’t happen overnight”. For everything and anything time is a key factor.

Well I do understand that corruption is bad for the health of our country but if you think the other way, is it possible for someone to survive without bribing anyone. It is like 2 sides of a coin. It goes hand in hand with each other. I do not by any mean say that all of us are corrupt but somewhere sometime we also must have done or accepted something in some way which also can be termed as corruption.

The movie showcases the strength of Youth power. “Gabbar” in the movie is on a mission to stop corruption and bring awareness in others too. In the end he is able to see his mission fulfilled and the audience in the cinema hall clapping and cheering for it. Good movie to watch and not to be missed.

Can we eradicate corruption from our system? Is it easy for those people who are now accustomed to get something in-return to change themselves? Can we as individual stop giving bribe and get our work done from others? Well, I feel that it’s an impossible task which can be brought under controlled to a greater extent. If at all we start to be honest with ourselves in life then the level of corruption can be brought down to a considerable level.

It reminded me of an old saying “I can make a difference”.

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