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Ideas galore at the right place….

I am sure you will find this post of mine a little funny, but great ideas always come to your mind when you goto the “loo”. It is about the usage of tissue paper, more specific it is about toilet paper smile.

Yes, the use of toilet paper, culture adopted from the western countries. I recollect my days when I was in the US way back in 2008 my first ever trip there. Although US is a country which is more technology savvy and highly disciplined in many ways as compared to India. But the one thing I did not like was the usage of toilet paper. The amount of tissue papers they use in a day is like there is no tomorrow. Americans are very much particular about hygiene and I think we should take an example from them. Especially the “Sulabh Shauchalaya” should learn how to be hygienic and should be taught how to keep public toilets clean. Each toilet in the US has paper napkin rolls either manual or auto disposable units. But none will have a water jet spray to clean your bum (butt, rear or backside) eek. Strange isn’t it?

We are not accustomed to using toilet paper and instead use the water jet spray which we feel is more comfortable and cost effective too wink. I clearly recollect that the Americans have “toilet paper rolls” as the first and foremost item on their shopping list. They buy huge packets so that it will last for a while. Maybe the country needs to learn how to save paper and inturn save trees and the environment. Imagine using tissue paper to clean your bum …. Yuck !! Gosh… I could not do it for the initial days during my stay in US. Well ! I had no choice also rolleyes.

I feel that all the manufacturers and suppliers of jet spray in India should send proposals to the US government for the benefits of using water jet sprays instead of tissue paper rolls and demonstrate the feeling of hot water (imagine washing up with hot water during the winters). Or if the Americans want to learn from us then they are most welcome to visit India wherein they might get to learn 2-3 more ways of washing up (although not hygienic). One early morning they just need to catch a Mumbai local and stand at the door. The sight of using empty plastic bottle or traditional old lota or small bucket will surely turn their facial expressions will be worth watching lol. Something not to miss for sure!!!

So the saying “The Best ideas come, when you are sitting on the toilet” holds true … did any of you ever get any brilliant ideas when sitting on the toilet seat ???

Do you believe in LOVE?

i_believe_in_loveWhat is Love? Many poets and philosophers have defined it in their own ways, whereas Science has still to prove it. Love is caring, attachment, attractiveness, trust, commitment, acceptance, bonding, emotions and the list is endless. Infact I may not be the right person to define Love as I had an arranged-marriage. Although I did not fall in love before marriage but YES I am in love now (and do I really need to mention with whom 🙂 ).

You cannot make anybody love you, the way you want them to. All you can do is be your best. You can try to make them notice your efforts. You can be sweet, kind, thoughtful , charming and sexy. You can give them gifts, write them mails, text them, call them and let them know in more ways than one, how much you enjoy their company. That’s it!! Beyond that you can’t do anything much. (No, stalking isn’t an option).

Relationships can happen only if two people have the same taste of life or at least a similar taste. Bonding happens when you make each other laugh, when you understand the other person without long-winded explanations and when you know that just the sound of their voice can soothe you and it is the same for them. Relationships mean there is an ease of comfort in each other’s company and you feel something amiss if you haven’t connected for a while. Love is not about how much time you’ve spent together but about how much you love each other every day!

Just because you feel that you are in love with someone, it does not mean that they have to feel the same way too. Sometimes there are connections that fizzle out even when the spark seems to be there. Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person when you least expect it. Sometimes despite your best efforts nothing happens—and they just don’t reciprocate.

Despite all that you do, if they don’t respond, you just have to let it go. As painful as it may be but one has to move on. And trust me, it happens for the best. You have got to believe that someone better is waiting and this was just the way it was meant to be.

Gabbar is Back…

gabbar-is-backA well-directed and produced movie with a nicely written script. The theme of the movie is based on stopping corruption. Stopping CORRUPTION and that too in a country like India where to sit/stand at a place for sometime one needs to bribe someone. I also am an Indian and am proud of my country but the deepness of corruption which has penetrated into the hearts and minds of the people is beyond imaginable.

The current Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi’s agenda is also to stop corruption and I am sure his government is also working on the same line. But as the saying goes “Change doesn’t happen overnight”. For everything and anything time is a key factor.

Well I do understand that corruption is bad for the health of our country but if you think the other way, is it possible for someone to survive without bribing anyone. It is like 2 sides of a coin. It goes hand in hand with each other. I do not by any mean say that all of us are corrupt but somewhere sometime we also must have done or accepted something in some way which also can be termed as corruption.

The movie showcases the strength of Youth power. “Gabbar” in the movie is on a mission to stop corruption and bring awareness in others too. In the end he is able to see his mission fulfilled and the audience in the cinema hall clapping and cheering for it. Good movie to watch and not to be missed.

Can we eradicate corruption from our system? Is it easy for those people who are now accustomed to get something in-return to change themselves? Can we as individual stop giving bribe and get our work done from others? Well, I feel that it’s an impossible task which can be brought under controlled to a greater extent. If at all we start to be honest with ourselves in life then the level of corruption can be brought down to a considerable level.

It reminded me of an old saying “I can make a difference”.