Following someone….


Recently I happened to bump into one of my ex-colleague, who also happens to be a good friend of mine and we were just chit-chatting about our old days and the time we spent together in office. All of a sudden he asked me “So who are you following now?” At first instance it did not strike me and I thought I was caught following someone :). I was trying to find words to say something. My friend understood and pounced back saying “I mean on social media”.

So who do you follow? If this question was asked to me about 15 years back then obviously my answer would have been Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan (I love cricket as much as I like watching movies). Very strange question isn’t it?

And then came the revolution, the entry of “Social Media”

Now on present day I am on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and zillion more social media sites. Although I get tired using Facebook and Whatsapp hardly leaving me with any energy to open Twitter or any other social media apps. The continuous feeds on my Facebook page and enormous messages I get on my Whatsapp are already too much to handle for me in a day. And truly social media is addictive and specially Whatsapp (I already have mentioned in my earlier blog).

So now if I am asked the same question “Who do you follow”, my answer will be many bloggers, twitter handles (news, celebrities, politicians) and I have many followers on my blog and my twitter too :).

What about you? Who do you follow now? And who were you following a decade back?

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