Why do I write ?


Many friends and family members have asked me this question that how come all of sudden I started writing? And I just shook my head with my hands up in the air and say it started all of a sudden.

But actually I was inspired by Shweta Shirodaria and one other friend who always used to tell me that I can write nicely (well, my friend had just read mails we had exchanged with each other).

But on a deep diving inside, I really feel nice penning my thoughts. Although I tried writing them on a piece of paper or rather a diary but could not do it for 2 reasons; 1st being my hand writing has gone from bad to worse and the 2nd reason is flexibility of writing whenever I feel like. So till now I have written down everything on a word document and have filed everything neatly in my lappy tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

Writing on topics make me think more deeply and hence I am able to get to know the other side of me. The thoughts that flow out of my mind help me feel relaxed. The feeling is like a boxer who has punched down his opponent within no time of entering the ring. Writing has many times helped me remove my frustration and anger and I feel it’s the best way to do it. It even has given me pleasure of my presence in the world although silently.

Also writing does not require any audience. I can be myself, think about lots of things and write on my own. I can even maintain privacy of what all to share and what I can keep to my self, its my choice !!

I am happy that few of my posts have really touched my readers. Well actually many have not expected this from me and frankly I also was not that confident when I first started blogging tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006

Penning down is what I like and I will continue the same unless I think I should stop.

5 thoughts on “Why do I write ?

  1. pinky patel

    Well…penning down is absolutely fine…..N no one can stop u ….
    N yes ur views …..on some topics ..r really nice…
    As a reader…I always give ..genuine comments. ..whether u like it or not….
    Keep writing. ….All the best☺☺

  2. Shweta

    Ahem ahem!! Praises and appreciation always makes me swell!!
    On a serious note.. Thoughts when expressed are always better rather than being suppressed! Way to go…🙋

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