Finally free from pain …..

Just 2 days ago I got an Arthroscopic surgery done on my right knee. Everything went well and I am back home from the hospital. Currently, my knee is bandaged and I have been advice to give complete rest to my knee for atleast one week and can only move for nature’s call. This is the first time I have been admitted in hospital and had to take many injections. The amount of medicines I have to take daily is equal to the total number I must have had till now in my 38 years.

Just to give you a brief, I had Meniscus tear in my right knee. How this happened is still a mystery which I am trying to solve 🙂 . Almost a year back, suddenly I started feeling pain in my right knee. Initially I thought that it could be muscular pain and started with home remedy of applying muscular relief cream which I was pretty confident would  work and I shall be pain-free soon. But all that didn’t go according to the way I thought. The pain was not ready to leave my knee and it seems that it had made a permanent residence there.

Lately the pain had become unbearable and as a result I was not able to fold my knee too. So I had to go see an Orthopedic doctor who asked me to get an MRI immediately. The report clearly stated that there was an horizontal tear and a cyst have been formed in my right knee. I was immediately adviced to consult an Arthroscopic surgeon who inturn said that I would have to unndergo for the surgery, sooner the better.

Although this surgery stands in minor category in the doctors list but I experienced it for the first time. Getting hospitalised and staying there for almost 2 days was too much for me. I am a person who can’t stand all this and on top of it getting so many tests done prior to the surgery, having been given Anesthesia during the surgery and injected so many times in last 3 days is something which I had never ever that thought of in my wildest dreams.

Frankly this is the first time I have been off from my office on Sick leave. Since doctor has advice me for complete rest, I am being pampered by my wife and my daughter like a small kid. Even my parents and sis-in-law are on their toes not allowing me to get up from the bed and helping me with all the things I need. Well actually I am enjoying this part of my time too. Reading, watching television, periodically replying to office mails, chit-chatting with all on whatsapp are the activities I am currently doing. Actually I feel bored keeping myself glued at one place. I have no other choice but to give rest to my knee to recover soon.

Finally in another few days I will be on track with my normal sports activities which I have been missing it from last couple of months.

4 thoughts on “Finally free from pain …..

  1. pinky patel

    Take care….N just see that u take complete rest. …N even …follow ….doctors rules strictly. that u don’t hve to visit that damn again…☺☺


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