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Why do I write ?


Many friends and family members have asked me this question that how come all of sudden I started writing? And I just shook my head with my hands up in the air and say it started all of a sudden.

But actually I was inspired by Shweta Shirodaria and one other friend who always used to tell me that I can write nicely (well, my friend had just read mails we had exchanged with each other).

But on a deep diving inside, I really feel nice penning my thoughts. Although I tried writing them on a piece of paper or rather a diary but could not do it for 2 reasons; 1st being my hand writing has gone from bad to worse and the 2nd reason is flexibility of writing whenever I feel like. So till now I have written down everything on a word document and have filed everything neatly in my lappy tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

Writing on topics make me think more deeply and hence I am able to get to know the other side of me. The thoughts that flow out of my mind help me feel relaxed. The feeling is like a boxer who has punched down his opponent within no time of entering the ring. Writing has many times helped me remove my frustration and anger and I feel it’s the best way to do it. It even has given me pleasure of my presence in the world although silently.

Also writing does not require any audience. I can be myself, think about lots of things and write on my own. I can even maintain privacy of what all to share and what I can keep to my self, its my choice !!

I am happy that few of my posts have really touched my readers. Well actually many have not expected this from me and frankly I also was not that confident when I first started blogging tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006

Penning down is what I like and I will continue the same unless I think I should stop.

Power of Power nap …

In our hectic life schedule we hardly get to sleep for 5-7 hours in a day as against the normal sleep of 8 hours (highly recommended). This deficiency of sleep leads to instability and hampers our day-to-day routine life; be it studies, play or work.

Well many a times it happens that one has a late night studying, outing, partying or working and the next day you have to report on-time for studies or work. Somehow getting up in the morning seems easy but in the afternoon your eyes just refuse to remain open no matter how much ever you try to bribe your eyes by sprinkling water, having a pot of coffee (yes, I did say pot 🙂 ), slapping yourself (which I am sure no one does 😉 ) … nothing works and your eyeballs just want to take rest. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you cannot pay attention to what is going on around you and you just want to doze off. So the best solution is to have a Power Nap.

So what’s a power nap? Well a power nap is a short nap that is only about 10-30 minutes and can give some people sparks of energy in the body that might be needed to make it through the rest of your day.


I have been practicing this technique for a long time. Whenever I feel that I have not been able to complete my sleep the previous night and the following day when my eyes just cannot bear the heavy load of sleep and is forced to shut down, I do take a power nap. I remember I had a power nap during one of my exams in my college, where in the previous night I was awake till wee hours studying and then in the exam hall I could not hold on and I asked my supervisor to wake me exactly in 15 minutes and rightly he did so. Believe me I cleared out with flying numbers. I have my power naps while traveling in the train, bus, taxi and in office too. I feel energetic up after having a power nap which usually last not more than 10-15 minutes only.

There are many companies like British Airways, Google, Proctor & Gamble, Nike and Pizza Hut which have special nap pods or napping rooms with reclining chairs specifically designed for sweet power naps.

Trust me whenever you hit a sleepy wall, try to take a power nap and I bet you will wake up more charged up and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Finally free from pain …..

Just 2 days ago I got an Arthroscopic surgery done on my right knee. Everything went well and I am back home from the hospital. Currently, my knee is bandaged and I have been advice to give complete rest to my knee for atleast one week and can only move for nature’s call. This is the first time I have been admitted in hospital and had to take many injections. The amount of medicines I have to take daily is equal to the total number I must have had till now in my 38 years.

Just to give you a brief, I had Meniscus tear in my right knee. How this happened is still a mystery which I am trying to solve 🙂 . Almost a year back, suddenly I started feeling pain in my right knee. Initially I thought that it could be muscular pain and started with home remedy of applying muscular relief cream which I was pretty confident would  work and I shall be pain-free soon. But all that didn’t go according to the way I thought. The pain was not ready to leave my knee and it seems that it had made a permanent residence there.

Lately the pain had become unbearable and as a result I was not able to fold my knee too. So I had to go see an Orthopedic doctor who asked me to get an MRI immediately. The report clearly stated that there was an horizontal tear and a cyst have been formed in my right knee. I was immediately adviced to consult an Arthroscopic surgeon who inturn said that I would have to unndergo for the surgery, sooner the better.

Although this surgery stands in minor category in the doctors list but I experienced it for the first time. Getting hospitalised and staying there for almost 2 days was too much for me. I am a person who can’t stand all this and on top of it getting so many tests done prior to the surgery, having been given Anesthesia during the surgery and injected so many times in last 3 days is something which I had never ever that thought of in my wildest dreams.

Frankly this is the first time I have been off from my office on Sick leave. Since doctor has advice me for complete rest, I am being pampered by my wife and my daughter like a small kid. Even my parents and sis-in-law are on their toes not allowing me to get up from the bed and helping me with all the things I need. Well actually I am enjoying this part of my time too. Reading, watching television, periodically replying to office mails, chit-chatting with all on whatsapp are the activities I am currently doing. Actually I feel bored keeping myself glued at one place. I have no other choice but to give rest to my knee to recover soon.

Finally in another few days I will be on track with my normal sports activities which I have been missing it from last couple of months.