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Morning “Gyan” ….

morning_gyanInspirational quotes helps to motivate oneself, helps to make our day good, helps to overcome the past things which might be bothering you.

With the social media playing a big role in our life, we find so many inspirational quotes floating around in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest too. I am one of the person who starts my day with reading few inspirational quotes and sharing them with my other friends, family members and whomsoever I feel through Whatsapp. Although I am not sure how many out of them seriously read it and try to implement it in their day-to-day life. But well, I many times try to follow and have been successful too. No doubts some quotes are just meant to be read and can’t be implemented practically in our day-to-day life.

I am part of many groups in Whatsapp and morning hours are only for sharing “Gyan messages” (Gyan a Sanskrit word roughly translates to Knowledge). All the groups are flooded with so many of them that sometimes it happens that some messages are getting contradicted to other message in some other group.

Who doesn’t need a dose of positivity now and then? I feel everyone needs some boost up in day-to-day routine life. Somewhere we get lost into things and we get stuck up in it. Maybe such inspirational quotes do help us moving ahead.

So do you also read or get inspirational quotes daily? Do you follow them or just ignore it?

… and it’s a century

100 post

Well, well, well, you all will be shocked to read it. I still don’t believe it, that my previous post helped me complete a century. I had never imagined that I will manage to cross 100 but am glad that I did it in style.

 The complete statistics are as follows:-

  • Although I took 18 months to reach it which is an average of 5.5 posts per month. This means more than 1 post a week. Still wondering am I slow or am batting within average?
  • Total views as on date are 10,301 which mean technically 103.1 views per post.
  • I did cross the century mark in best ever views in a day which is 146 not out :).
  • My previous post Joy of meeting school friends Part1 has 1512 views till now followed by Can’t live without it even for a day on second number with 1034 views and the third position is my post Whatsapp – an addiction with 899 views. Am happy that my spectators are liking my posts.
  • I am going very slowly in this, total 356 comments on all my post averaging 3.56 comments per post. I need to improve on this for sure. And without your support I cannot build a big partnership.
  • My post Whatsapp – an addiction has got the highest comments and SS (an avid blogger and my inspiration) has contributed with total of 41 comments.
  • There are 57 fans of mine following me and am eying for a century here before I complete my innings :).

It’s time for celebration with a jump and a fist pump in the air … thanking God and saying it to myself “Yes I did it and I need to hang around for another one too”. Hemang Century

Also a super-duper-megha-jumbo-whopping thank you all my readers for being a partner for my journey till now and spending precious time reading, liking and commenting on my posts. And trust me all these gives me a massive smile on my face and I feel like I have won man-of-the-match trophy.

I am sure I will receive excellent support from all my audience which will help me reach another big milestone very soon. And its time to revamp the look and feel of my site too.

You all must be aware that the biggest tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is currently in progress in Australia & New Zealand and wishing team India and rest all the teams a very good luck. Hope the best and deserving team wins the World Cup.

AIB roasted


The recent controversies which took place for the AIB knockout – roast video after going live on youtube on 28th January and with almost 8 million views has grabbed unexpected hype. There has been lots of discussion on whether the show which was full of filthy language was legitimate or not.

Here is my personal take on it:-

  1. You are driving car and you are hit by another car from behind and you start giving *beep* *beep* words.
  2. You are studying in medical college and your professor who is a Doctor demonstrating private parts of human being along with F*** word used more frequently.
  3. You are watching Comedy circus or The Great Indian laughter challenge shows on television and you are forced to see sexiest, racist and gender insensitive comedy along with your parents sitting next to you.
  4. A girl walking on the street and has been eve-teased by guys who is greeted with cheapest vulgar words and passers-by enjoy hearing it.
  5. You are standing with group of your friends and especially all male friends then automatically words like Ma@#$%, Ben@#$% spills from the mouth.
  6. You have groups in Whatsapp specially for sharing all types of adult jokes and dirty cartoons and you enjoy it on daily basis.

These are the few examples which are part of our life and we readily have accepted it. We are used to hearing such languages on every nook and corner. Then why is this AIB knockout show issue overblown. We all have freedom of speech and we all can easily decide on what is right and what is wrong for us. The show was a closed room and limited to public. Those who wanted to watch it had to buy passes. So no one was forced to go and watch it. Moreover I think all such vulgar stuff was already flourishing in our society much before AIB came out with it. It is just that now it is more of public then private.

I believe that AIB come out with the show on youtube as there were no other options to show it anywhere. And not to forget that AIB had put a warning message to the viewers about the adult content of the video and if one feels the content is outrageous and outright category then you have an option to close your browser immediately.

Well, I feel there is nothing wrong of the AIB knockout roast show. Our bollywood industry can produce films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Delly Belly and Grand Masti with full of abuses and adult jokes. Even television soaps like comedy circus shows so many desperate scenes of an unmarried middle age woman. So what is the harm if few celebrities decided to be a participant of a stand up comedy show in a closed audience and that too they themselves being roasted in the show. I don’t feel that this AIB show has spread any harm to our society. Well, there are so many other important issues which need immediate attention instead of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Please do drop in your views about all this fuss on AIB knockout.

A world without sound

Can you guess the situation if we turn into deaf n dumb (mute)? You can’t hear. You can’t talk. Only thing you can do is you can see everything. Imagine how will you react, how others will react to you? I very well recollect a Bollywood movie “Barfi” wherein the lead actor was playing the character of a deaf n mute person.

Well, I am not going to write more on this movie but just wanted to show how life changes or rather a deaf n mute person adapts to this world from birth. We have two such person (1 in Mumbai office and another in Gurgaon office) working part-time with us. The one in Mumbai office is an old man around 65 years age but fit to work. I call him “Uncle”. I know he can’t hear what I say but I always refer to him as “Uncle” whenever I am discussing about him with anyone in office.

He comes in our office as part-time consultant and he is very good in his work. His job is “cutting-pasting” things. Not the “cut-paste” of Microsoft :). Just for background, my organisation is an advertising agency and we are the creative agency for many leading companies in India. We do designing of many products and even help brand building. So basically the job of “Uncle” is to make dummy items of many products like packing boxes, wrappers, leaflets, sticking of colour prints on foam-boards and many more such things. Just to tell you that doing all above listed things also is an art. A normal person will not be able to give perfection to it. And Uncle does it very well.

I personally adore him and everyday I make a point to go to his workplace and do little conversations, definitely not by mouth but with hands. After interacting with him all these years I also have started understanding little of sign language. I always have seen him in happy mood, no matter what is happening around him. He is always been a part of our office parties, office puja (prayer ritual) and all official events. Although he can’t hear but he dances to the tune of music, claps and laughs when everyone does thus ensuring he is not left out of the crowd.

A world without sound

Handmade mobile stand to communicate with others

Many times I have seen him communicating on phone too, yes he connects people using video calling facility (thankfully government has provided them at very subsidise rates) and he keeps his phone in front on his desk and starts talking with his hands with the opposite person.

Government has provided good facilities to such category of people. They have special schools and learning centers for deaf and mute people. Even they have reserve category in government sector jobs. It is my view that if all private companies also start hiring atleast one such person in their organisation then I am sure it will help these people in their day-to-day life.