My helping hand to feed a child

Just last week my daughter had a project to be done in her school and the topic was of NGO. They were told to pick up any one NGO and make a chart of the same. The main contents were what does the NGO do? Their mission, where is it located, how are they supporting?

I sat with her and googled the names of the NGOs. We did go through 3-4 different NGO websites, my daughter liked the website of Akshaya Patra the most. Basically she liked the photo gallery of the same. Although we both had no idea that Akshaya Patra sponsors Mid-Day Meals (MDM) with the support of the government to students in government schools, but we somehow figured it out from the photo gallery. She was keen in selecting this NGO for her project.

We selected a few pictures which she could stick on her chart paper. I got them printed and also tagged the pictures with a one liner. Next, I helped her gather content and more info about this NGO which we easily found on their website. Once this was all done, I explained in detail about the MDM scheme to my daughter as she was also interested to know details about them. And ofcourse she also had to say few words while displaying her chart in her school. The work by this NGO left an impression on me. I have pledged to feed atleast one child for a year through this NGO and I have decided to do the same on my daughter’s birthday.

My friends and I have already started a small initiative of visiting an Orphanage once every quarter and we distribute things which can be used by the small girls in their day to day life along with snacks. You can read about them my earlier post; Happiness and Joy of Giving (Part 1 and Part 2).

It’s a pleasure to be part of this initiative in association with BlogAdda and Akshaya Patra and am happy to know that this post of mine will feed a child for an entire year, sponsored by BlogAdda.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

You can read more about this initiative here, and blog about the theme to help feed a child for one full academic year.

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