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Holiday time …..

  • Tickets booked – √
  • Web check-in – √
  • Hotel booked – √
  • Transportation booked – √
  • Woolen clothes – √
  • Packing – still pending to dump in the last few things

Yes finally am off to my annual vacation this Thursday i.e. tomorrow. After months of planning and organizing the tour finally the day has come to fly to the selected destination. It just few more hours left before I take off for this year’s holidays. The much awaited vacation needed for all of us (including my wife and my daughter). Busy schedules and hectic life keeps us on the toes and how time flies by is beyond realization. One blink and a year have gone past.

This year there were couple of destinations short listed and finally we (including my friends) decided to visit South of India. We will be visiting 4 places, Mysore, Coorg, Ooty and Kodaikanal. Ooty and Kodaikanal being the hill stations of Southern India and I have heard and read about both these destinations as the preferred places for Honeymoon.

I am the one more excited from the rest as this is the first time I am visiting these places, although I have visited other Southern parts of India earlier but not been to these before. But as usual and is the case with me every year, I am loaded with tons of work just before my planned leave and this always happens when I am off for a long vacation. Even last year it was the same scenario.

So I am almost set for my long holidays, almost because last moment packing of things are still left to be dumped inside the bag. Yes, this time it’s a long holiday and I will be meeting you all directly in the New Year i.e. in 2015.

So to all my readers wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy NEW Year well in advance.

Enjoy the last few days of 2014 and will see you all in 2015.

Bullets for Children….

Yesterday’s massacre at Peshawar in Pakistan has left another deep scar in the name of humanity. This shows the limit of terrorism has reached upto. They even are not sparing young school going kids in their battle for so-called freedom. Freedom is what they want? Or they just want to prove that their community is superior than the rest of the world. If superiority can be proved by having gun in hand, loading suicide bombs across the body and killing innocent young kids that too in a school then it’s a shameful act. Actually not shameful but inhumane act. They actually are heartless creatures in form of human beings.

Since morning social media is flooded with lots and lots of messages condemning the act. It becomes really painful to read such messages over and over again. Atleast I am an emotional person and cannot read so many such messages of yesterday’s cowardly act again and again. I somehow have managed myself to stay away from social media specially whatsapp for today just to avoid reading across messages of such utter barbarism act. Newspaper like DNA (Daily News and Analysis) carries the headline as “For God’s sake, not kids”, another leading news paper in India The Economic Times has quoted this act as “Butchers & B**tards”.

Yesterday, I over heard 2 people talking about this in train on my way back home;
Person 1 – what was the fault of the young kids that became the victims of this act?
Person 2 – their fault was that they were born in Pakistan.
Although I was deeply engrossed in my reading but hearing such answer I cannot resist myself of giving an angry glance to this person. WTF is he trying to say? Don’t he know that Children are innocent form of GOD whether they are born in India or Pakistan or any part of the world.

What are the terrorist community trying to gain and at what cost? By killing few hundreds of children and spreading violence in few countries, are they feeling satisfied to display their power?

Statistic shows that terrorism is increasing year by year and is affecting more and more countries. See below graph.

Bullets for children_1

The top 5 most affected countries where terrorism is highest with no. 1 is Iraq followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria, with India positioned at no. 6

Bullets for children

 You can read the full report by clicking “Global Terrorism Index 2014”

At the time of writing this post, flash news pops up on my cell and sad to read “2 more explosions outside girls college in Peshawar”. God when will this stop? One more brutal terror attack!! One more inhuman act by our fellow humans!!

My prayers are with all the parents who have lost their beloved child.

May their soul R.I.P.

Old technique but innovative idea

I am sure reading this will bring some smile on your face and in-fact I also had a broad smile too. No it is not a joke or any whatsapp message that made me smile. Actually it is a letter I received today morning. Yes an “Inland Letter Card” which I received by post, made me smile. It has been ages I have seen the Inland letter card and I almost had forgotten the look and colour of it.Inlland letter card

Inland letter card (अंतर्देशीय पत्र कार्ड) was introduced by Indian Post Office way back on 20th September 1969 (am feeling happy about the date as on 20th September I also came into this world). No doubts that Inland letter’s design and colour has gone through lots of changes all through these years.

What made me smile is that in today’s time where technology is at its peak, I am still receiving Inland letter card. As soon as I got it in my hand I was very much anxious to know the sender and what would be the news inside it. To send mailers to clients and that too in an Inland letter in today’s age seems to be an obsolete idea. Right from utility bills, bank statements, education results, company reports, etc are all received via e-mail. Upon opening the same, to my surprise, it’s a mailer from none other than the biggest global technology company IBM.

What on Earth IBM must have thought of sending such a mailer? Technology has advance so much that a simple click of a button can send thousands of such e-mailers in a second. And I do receive many such e-mailers in a day. Come on IBM please grow up and stop sending such Inland letter card to your clients. It is waste of paper, money and time. These were the thoughts which popped up at the first go even without reading the content of it.

After reading the full content of the letter which actually turned out IBM promoting their new mailing solution and trying to showcase of using an old way of mailing solution can hamper the work and switch over to their latest way of communication mode. This actually justified why had they sent a mailer as an Inland letter card and not an e-mailer. Well, it is a nice innovative way of promoting new business.

It’s a normal human mentality to jump to a conclusion very soon. We take things into granted and decide the course of action. Such action many times leads to wrong paths.

Listening is a good habit. Many people think that listening is a very easy skill or is a part of our personality but neither is right. In-fact poor listening habit is very common within all of us. Today, I also did the same and started concluding many things. So, try to be a good listener and enrich your capacity to understand yourself as well as others.

Last week my daughter and my niece had their first public stage performance. Although the participation was in a group dance but the happiness and the enthusiasm seen in both was on a high note. The show was organised by “Nupur Dance Academy”.

My daughter does participate every year in her school annual day performance and hence it was not that difficult for her. But on the contrary it was first the time for my niece who is just 5 years old.

I had seen them practice 2-3 times in bits and pieces as I used to pick and drop them up from the practice venue. Even one day earlier before the main show, my niece was not performing that well (I suppose she was not dancing well on purpose) and we were like “how will you perform if you can’t do your steps well during the practice session”. But to our bigger surprise she was the best among her co-dancers and she performed all the steps very well.

My daughter, as I said, had been on stage many times and was pretty much confident. Her performance was to our satisfaction.

Here are some pictures which we had clicked of the event.


My Niece


One more step of my Niece


My Niece with prop


My D .. the taller one


My D in action …. ofcourse the taller girl


The one in Red top…


All the participants along with their dance teachers


Dance teachers displaying their skills


My Niece with her dance teacher and co-dancers


Ever smiling Niece with her dance teacher

DSC_0842 DSC_0845  DSC_0895 DSC_0898 DSC_0903

My helping hand to feed a child

Just last week my daughter had a project to be done in her school and the topic was of NGO. They were told to pick up any one NGO and make a chart of the same. The main contents were what does the NGO do? Their mission, where is it located, how are they supporting?

I sat with her and googled the names of the NGOs. We did go through 3-4 different NGO websites, my daughter liked the website of Akshaya Patra the most. Basically she liked the photo gallery of the same. Although we both had no idea that Akshaya Patra sponsors Mid-Day Meals (MDM) with the support of the government to students in government schools, but we somehow figured it out from the photo gallery. She was keen in selecting this NGO for her project.

We selected a few pictures which she could stick on her chart paper. I got them printed and also tagged the pictures with a one liner. Next, I helped her gather content and more info about this NGO which we easily found on their website. Once this was all done, I explained in detail about the MDM scheme to my daughter as she was also interested to know details about them. And ofcourse she also had to say few words while displaying her chart in her school. The work by this NGO left an impression on me. I have pledged to feed atleast one child for a year through this NGO and I have decided to do the same on my daughter’s birthday.

My friends and I have already started a small initiative of visiting an Orphanage once every quarter and we distribute things which can be used by the small girls in their day to day life along with snacks. You can read about them my earlier post; Happiness and Joy of Giving (Part 1 and Part 2).

It’s a pleasure to be part of this initiative in association with BlogAdda and Akshaya Patra and am happy to know that this post of mine will feed a child for an entire year, sponsored by BlogAdda.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

You can read more about this initiative here, and blog about the theme to help feed a child for one full academic year.