My findings from cycling….

I just realized that I have completed 30+ sessions of cycling which means 30+ days of cycling completed since I started from 5th June 2014. I use an app called Runtastic which help me keep track of my cycling route, number of cycling sessions, distance traversed till now. the time taken etc. So according to the app’s statistics I cycled 141 kms in 33 sessions which is on an average 4.2 kms per session.

Here are some things which I have learn and one has to be cautious while cycling.

  • Driver’s sucks – I start my cycling as early as 7 am. I know during this time there is less traffic but at that time no one pay heeds to the traffic signals or any sort of traffic rules. The cars and the buses and even autos just zoom past you just inches away.
  • Cycle to the left side – We have learn from childhood that cycling should be done on the left side of the road, but does one realize the pathetic conditions of the road, specially the left sides of the roads where lots of mud, stones and all shit of garbage is just lying and no responsible department cleans it.
  • Come rains and one can see pot holes filled with stagnant water on the left side of the road and a cyclist has no option but to pass thru it. And one small stone even makes your bottom go up in the air and thud you come down back on the seat. Just imagine the jerks one feels on the back side of the hips and thus making us measure the deepness of the pot holes 🙂
  • Keep your self hydrated – have enough water before you start cycling. Water helps to keep body temperature in control.

Bottom line is don’t expect any vehicle to show respect for you. They all are ruthless. I personally many times while crossing major junctions, literally have walked and not cycled due to the rashness of the drivers.

Hoping that the bigger vehicle owners learn to respect the cyclist and treat them in a better way 🙂

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