Doubly late…

Kiton shoesToday being a Monday, as it is the first day of the week and what a way to start … well actually not on a very good note.

I had my school reunion last Saturday and had a blast till late night. The hangover of the party was still seen in my body as I got up on time and slept again, hence I got late leaving for office from home itself. The hangover was not of boozing too much, but I being a part of the organizing team, had been slogging very hard so that the reunion event goes off well with the other organizers so that all school friends could have a memorable party. The toll of additional work all these days (other than my normal office work) and lots of dancing on the party night has taken a toll on me.

To add to the late leaving from home; my shoe sole gave way. As I was walking from the station to my office, in between the sole of my right shoe came out and I did not feel it till I walked a couple of more steps wondering what’s making me walk with uneven balance. I looked behind and there was my shoe sole completely in a dead state.

I had no option but in an embarrassing state to pick it up with my cross eyes watching passers-by and trying to avoid any eye contact with them. I immediately kept it in a polythene bag (luckily I had one in my laptop bag). Also since it is my regular route of travel to office, I knew one cobbler who sits just few meters away from the incident spot. I somehow hobbled with my left shoe sole still intact and the right shoe sole in the polythene bag and made it to the cobbler.

I got it mended and the cobbler ate up my 15 more minutes (since he had to stick the sole, let it dry it and stitch it) adding to my woes of already late-running-Monday-schedule. I hate being late on Mondays and today was the day where I got doubly late tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081

As I am penning it down, I recollect this is not the first time it has happened to me, and I recollect similar sort of instances which had happened with me in my past and I smile and laugh within myself upon recollecting them tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-080.

But on a serious note does it only happen with me? Or is it that you also have faced similar situations?

2 thoughts on “Doubly late…

  1. pinky patel

    No..hp..It has happened to me also. .same thing…..I had …my annual function….of my school…..I had dressed up well…but in the function. .my shoes…..ditched me….I just threw away my shoes in bin………It was winter time I use to wear paded..socks…which looks like shoes….so I was safe…hehehe


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