Sleeping partner…

Today morning after extended weekend (holiday for Ganesh Visarjan) I was too reluctant to get up from by bed. But since I had my office and had to reach on time I forced my self to complete my morning chores quickly so that I could leave for office on time. But somehow I missed my regular train (which rarely happens) and I had to get into the one after my usual train.

No, it was not crowded, nor was it an old train and neither there were any fights for seats too :). Today I had a different type of experience. I had the company of a person sitting next to me; a very heft guy who must be six feet tall with a heavy built. I was sitting at the window seat and as per my daily routine I was enjoying the breeze and reading my book.

So this well-built-muscular-guy having a thick mustache began to snore no sooner the train left the starting point. I was like “What that hell is happening??” and was getting irritated by it. I was not able to concentrate on my reading too. It seems like the guy had not slept for days and he was completing his sleep now.

I somehow started ignoring the thick snoring noise and got engrossed in reading. In the next few minutes I started feeling something very heavy had fallen on my shoulder and the pressure was forcing me to lean on the other side. I was getting sandwiched between the heavy guy on my right side and the window on my left. Its like in a wrestling match, I had been cornered and my opponent (double the weight of mine) was all over me and there was not an inch of space left wherein I could move to save myself. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123

I with my full strength (all those who don’t know me, I am an average built slim person) forced myself to lean forward and that double-the-weight-guy literally fell sideways on me. He was taken by surprise and he did not realize what had happened. Other passengers who were all this while enjoying the show started giggling. I thought now atleast I will have some space and will enjoy my reading for the rest of the journey. But alas my wish just lasted few minutes and again the guy was all over me. This time I decided to stand up and vacate my seat and offer this guy to lie down instead of falling all over me. And as I was going to do it, his phone rang and he woke up. Luckily I did not have to do what I had thought of :). The next second he realized he had missed his station and hurriedly got down at the next stop.

I know that in Mumbai there are many who work in the night shift and travels back home in the morning, I do understand that sleep is something which is very difficult to hold back. I also have done night shifts in my previous organization and I also have traveled by train back home. But trust me the amount of pressure I was thrown upon by that hefty guy was simply unbearable. He was completely on my shoulder as if I was his pillow.

I seriously hope and cross my fingers that in-future I do not come face to face with the same guy or even experience such a sleeping partner in my train travel.

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