Happiness & Joy of Giving (part 2)

The mission of helping someone in need continues. Last Sunday we (myself and other 2 friends) again visited the same orphanage in Malad (our second visit and mine many till now). Last time we visited was in month of March 2014. This time we distributed vada pav, books, pens and project papers to all the girls over there.

The feeling of seeing small girls age from 3 years onwards living in an orphanage could not be described here. All of them looking so cute and innocent. A visit to this place always leaves an impact on me. And it takes me sometime to recover from this heart wrenching experience.

There are in all 70 girls staying in that orphanage. They all goto school and they do all types of activities which our child does it in school. Except that they have no parents whom they can call mom or dad. Their parents are the Nuns (who take care of the orphanage) which they call them tai or sister.

The kids have their playing area and they all play together. No fighting or arguing with anyone. They just love each other. I would like to mention here that when we were distributing snacks there was no grabbing or asking or pushing. All the girls lined up in queue with their respective plates and they have their fix place to sit and eat. They eat, wash their plates and keep it at their fix place. Such discipline they have in them. Truly worth taking back such learning from them. We were greeted with thank you by most of the girls and even asked to visit again.

By God’s grace we have so much in our life and then also most of the times we crib for want for more. And here the girls have nothing, some might not be knowing her full name too but then all of them are so happy, joyful and thankful.

Our objective to be some help continues and we have planned for our next trip in the month of October (maybe another such place).


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