ABC of flying

“Ladies and Gentleman, it’s a request to please switch off your mobile phones, laptops and any other electronic gadgets”, the same also said in Hindi language. This is the announcement made inside the flight minutes before the take off.

As a responsible citizen I ensure to follow the code of conduct of flying and switch off all my gadgets. But I have noticed that many people just don’t want follow it. Either they have not understood the announcement which is made is Hindi and English language or they seem to prove themselves as the “Hero” of the nation.

Even after the request announcement many don’t switch off their phones or laptops or iPads. They seem to purposely don’t want to follow the basic ethics of safe flying. These so called “disobedient-lot-people” think that the captain who made the above announcement is a “fool”. And all the more even the manufacturer of the phone devices who now gives the option of “flight mode” are “illiterate” to provide such option in the handset.

I have seen many times that the cabin crew members have to plead people to please shut their devices. Mobile phone and any other electronic gadgets throw out signals which can become an issue to the captain in his cockpit.

All such precautions are for passenger’s safety. It’s our responsibility to obey the very basic rules of flight. One has to follow the safety measures inorder to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Today I noticed both my neighbors not obeying the announcement and both were requested by the cabin crew to please shut down the devices (one was busy chatting on whatsapp and another doing something on his iPad). This is not my first experience. I have seen many times such thing happening.

It’s a request to all that please do ensure to follow the basic thumb rules of flying and help in avoiding any untoward accidents.

I am writing this post during my flight back to Mumbai and posting it on reaching home.

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