Weekend trip – Malshej ghat

IMG_3250Last weekend was a memorable weekend. I along with family and my college friends had been to Malshej Ghat for over night stay at MTDC Resort (MTDC – Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of India). I know it’s still not raining and this is not the best time to visit Malshej Ghat but then also we had fun time. The booking for the resort was done more than a month back and that time we did not knew whether it will rain or not during our trip. It was a pure gamble we played to book the place in advance. One way it was a win situation that it did not rain and we were able to enjoy the climate. But the intention to enjoy the natural waterfalls in the ghat was left unfilled.

Our journey started Saturday morning and it took us almost 4 hours including a small haltIMG_3267 for refreshment to reach Malshej ghat. As the ghat section started the climate was getting better and cooler. On reaching the peak of the mountain the wind was blowing at full strength. Darks clouds were seen all around and the hope for rains was always alive within us.

On check-in the MTDC Resort (this was my first time here) I found the place very beautiful. The houses, garden, children playing area and parking all very nicely structured. Frankly I never had expected such a warm welcome from MTDC (as earlier I have been to MTDC Karla and it is a disgusting place to stay).

                                  IMG_3268 IMG_3053The garden and playing area added to the joy for all our kids. For 2 days they enjoyed fully with swings, slides, see-saw and many such activities. Saturday evening we all also played Kho-Kho (an Indian traditional game).

Sunday morning was all foggy with heavy winds. The fog was so thickly dense that the visibility was hardly few meters (see below attach pics which will give an idea of the climate). Fresh air with almost zero pollution mixed in it and the heavy wind blowing was a refreshing moment. The feeling was a mesmerizing one and will remain within me for a long long time.

Over all a nice weekend break from the routine work which was much needed for me to get unwind.

Thanks to the lovely romantic weather who never left us all through 2 days and also did not let us miss the rains :). And not to forget the MTDC Resort which is quiet neat, clean and decent place to visit.

 IMG_3052 IMG_3221


4 thoughts on “Weekend trip – Malshej ghat

  1. Rajesh

    Very good Article Hemang. It give clear picture about weather, MTDC Resort, and overall scenario. Specially helpful to those who wanted to visit Malshej.

    Keep it up….



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