img_2918_1Yesterday I happened to meet one of my friend and I noticed wallet full of cards with her. I was surprise that she possessed so many cards. See the picture which I have clicked (posted with her permission). My inquisitive to know more made me asked her why she carries so many cards with her. The response was actually a valid one.

The logic is as follows :-

  • Credit Card – we (almost all of us) have minimum of 2 credit cards.
  • ATM/Debit cards – again 2 nos. since one salaried account and other a normal account.
  • PAN card – now a days very much important and mandate requirement at many places.
  • AADHAR card – which I suppose is a flop scheme of government, but since one already has applied and got it then better to keep it.
  • Voting card – used for election purpose and which is a pride to have one with us.
  • Driving license – again depends if you have separate 2 and 4 wheelers license.
  • Club / Retail membership cards – this is if you are a member of some club or any retail outlet.

So if you start counting or already must have counted then the minimum cards one can posses is 1 dozen 🙂 .

I have noticed with many of my friends that it’s a benefit to have many different bank credit cards. Reasons are many; some cards are used for getting offers on flight bookings, some cards give better offers on booking movie tickets, some other cards help to earn more points than other cards, some cards don’t charge you any tax while using to refill fuel in the car, some cards give discounts on online shopping and the list goes on and on …. Point to be noted here is that not one card will give 2 or more benefits at a time. So one has to apply different cards to avail all the above facilities.

Possessing so many cards is not an issue but maintaining them is a headache. Each will have different payment due date and remembering all of them is a big task. Also not to forget the online frauds on credit and debit cards. I personally have been a victim of the same and I am thankful that the fraud amount was not a huge one.

I personally also did check myself on the number of cards I do posses and yes my friend was right. It is just that I carry few of them in my wallet, few others in my credit card pouch and rest of them I have kept at home as I think there is no need for me to carry all of them on daily basis.

I am sure after reading my post, you will surely be checking the number of cards you have with you and will be smiling on the total count :).

4 thoughts on “Cardholder

  1. Shweta

    No credit cards for me! Else I would also have to apply for a personal loan from the same bank to pay the obnoxious shopping bills 😀
    Just carry ATM cards and license. Light carrier I am!!


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