Local train travelling woes..

Today morning, I was little late and caught one train later than my usual train for office and had a hottest with large volume of sweating travel till date to office. Yes the train which I traveled was an old train. Old in the sense the manufacturing of the coaches were old. I am sure those who are regular traveler of western railway will surely understand the difference between old racks and new racks train.

Now a days the Sun God has started showing it’s more brightness and as a result the heat wave is on the rise tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081. And not to forget staying in Mumbai means getting complimentary sweating along with the heat. And to add to all these today the train I traveled in had the fans off. Yes; the full train fans were off (as I can see the second class compartment fans too). Luckily I got a window seat and was bit lucky to enjoy the warm breeze while the train is in motion. But the conditions of others who are standing on the gangway or passages were horrible. As it is the local trains in the morning hours are fully crowded and one can hardly get some inches of space to stand.

It as like a bundle deal railways had offered us today. Fans not working and the train were not cleaned at all. It seems this particular train was lying in train shed and had been removed out from it after ages. Seats were dirty, windows were fully covered with mud and yes the fans too had layers of mud on it. Being the first day of the week and facing such horrible traveling experience made me think I should go straight to the Deputy General in charge of Western Railway and make him travel in the same train from Churchgate to Borivali.

Damn how can one travel in such conditions. Fans not working, coaches not cleaned…. grrrrr tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123 … not an expected way to start my day. And did I hear Western railway is starting with AC trains? God, it sounds so funny, the railway authorities can’t even manage to keep the regular trains clean and maintain them properly and they are dreaming of running AC coaches. I really wonder what will be the condition if the AC’s stops working in the AC trains and there are no windows which can let the outside air come in. Why can’t the railway authorities specially the Mumbai Suburban railway take care and pay proper attention to such things. We as a citizen at least expect to have neat and clean coaches with fans working and proper ventilation.

Hoping I will not be greeted with such bad traveling experience in future.

5 thoughts on “Local train travelling woes..

  1. parulthakur24

    Gosh! Not so great experience but indeed a great narration!
    I have stayed in Mumbai for 6 months and (un)luckily never had a real chance to commute through the local. I have always felt that travelling in local trains is so difficult – so many people, lack of physical space, the weather all act towards one goal of making life uncomfortable. But looking at the distances in Mumbai, it is so true that the locals are the lifeline of the city.

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Yes true. Mumbai locals are the best transportation. Quick and cheap. Here you will find all types of people. And this is a place where one thinks he/she has owned it by buying pass or ticket. Also this is the place for removing one’s frustration. I would say you are lucky to not travel but in a way unlucky too. If you had then maybe you would have got something to write too. 😊

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