Friends – lifeline of my life

Friends !!! Friends !!! Friends !!!

This is what I have and I always treasure all my friends. There is no gender discrimination in my friend list. I have male friends (which are very obvious as being a male myself) and I have almost equal number of female friends too.

I am found spending more time with my friends then my cousins or relatives. So you meanBest_friends to say am I that popular within friends? Do I really need to answer this? Friends are like soulmates to me. I eat friends, I drink friends, I sleep friends…(now please stop your corrupt thinking tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-161 ). Friends are like my family members.

From my childhood I always had many friends, thanks to those old golden days with no idiot box and smart phones in our pockets. So the only option left was to play with friends. Even the building I used to stay in had many children (boys and girls) of my age and we all used to have a gala time everyday. This old habit of staying more with friends has still not gone out of me and I still love being with my friends tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-061.

But as time passes our priorities changes so does choice of friends. Earlier when we were kids we didn’t mind making friends with anyone or everyone. Now since we have grown we think twice before making new friends. Maybe not only twice but thrice and x number of times incase the opposite person is not of the same gender. Is there any reason as why have to think so much? Maybe we feel how others will react? What will others say? What will they feel? What if this … what if that … and the questions pops on and on. Our society does not appreciate or rather accept a boy and a girl being good friends. And more of it if a married man been a good friend with a married woman or vice versa.

I really don’t understand what is wrong in having friendship? Friendship does not really mean physical. It is just that two persons of same liking and thoughts get along well with each other. Some similarity and common thoughts starts a bonding between 2 of them and then it turns into a relation called friendship. So what’s wrong in this? Why people when grow up starts taking wrong meaning of the relationship. Why our so-called “Samaj” (our system) doesn’t accept it without finding any glitches in it.

best-friends-quotesI am sure every one of us must be having one best friend who stands out of the crowd of friends list and this is the one whom we enjoy the company of being called the best friend. I too have one best friend and I do like the company of that friend. And as I said earlier I do not make friendship by looks. It is just that the instinct within me that tells yes this person is the right choice …!!! And then no looking back once both are tied with the band of friendship. Forgetting any of my friend is just out of the question.

I have many friends and for my easy-to-go-around with them I have classified them into categories. School friends, old building friends, new building friends (hardly any), college friends, my ex-office friends, friends of friends and the list goes on…. I have internally set priorities in terms of my bonding with them and I know the bunch of friends who really stands with me all the time.

I would definitely like to sing this song, for all my friends out there, one of my favorite from Bollywood movie “Sholay

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge…”

So what are your views and thoughts on friendship?

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