How to get over when you are ignored


Have you by any chance till now got into a situation where in you are being ignored or you are sending messages (be it mails, texts, bbm, whatsapp) and there is no response from the opposite person. I am sure you must have checked your phone thousand times just to see if there is a reply of your messages. The opposite person can be anyone (maybe ex gf/bf tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006 or spouse or boss or one of your best buddies). You keep on sending messages day after day and there is no response from him/her (henceforth I will be referring this person as X person). So how does one feel it? And especially when you are in good communication till last week and all of sudden there is total silence between both. It seems that the X person has disappeared from your life.

So what will you be doing now? OR rather what can you do?

Here are few of the things one could and should do:-

  • Go offline

Block the X person on facebook, linkedin, whatsapp or any sort of social media. The more you look at the profile of the X person the more you will be tempted to talk with him/her. It will be a painful treatment for you incase you see the X person online and not responding to you.

  • Show your patience

The best way to exhibit your patience is by engaging yourself in something you like the most, any activity or hobby or engage yourself deep into your work. Don’t give yourself any breathing space to think about the X person. At least till the time you hear from him/her.

  •  Leave the X person alone

You cannot force anyone to respond to your message. It’s upto him/her, whether that X person wants to reply or still ignore you the way its going on.

  • Spend your time with buddies

Try to spend as much time as possible with other friends. Talk about everything and anything but except this topic. This will help to relive some sort of stress from you. Go out, dance, eat, drink, have fun with friends.

  •  Adopt the policy of ttyl or just a smiley tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

If at all any time (maybe after one day, 3 days, a week, a month) of the day or night the X person calls you then be cool and say you will get back to him/her later as you are very much busy. Incase he/she send any text messages, then just respond by saying ttyl or simply send one smiley.

Ignorance_1Believe me, as I write this I do know it’s easier said then done. The type of feeling one goes through is very tough to mention. Add to this the X person will sometimes respond in monosyllables, adding more fumes inside you. So many thoughts erupt in our mind as to why and for what reason you are being ignored? Is it something you have said or done wrong for which you are getting punished? All such thoughts lead to sleepless nights and affect your daily routine life.

If the above points are followed (which I know is very difficult and the last one is theIgnorance toughest) not needed to be in the same order as said, then chances are you would never be ignored by that X person in future and if at all you still are then time to get some change in your life.

PS. The book “The One You Cannot Have” by Preeti Shenoy inspired me to write it.

9 thoughts on “How to get over when you are ignored

  1. Shweta

    It definitely is tough to not get an answer from the one you have been frantically trying to contact… But what you allow will always continue… So the best thing is to ignore and move on… and try not to be taken for granted!!

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Shweta agree to your point to move on… but i suppose the person who is being ignored has the rights to know the reason behind the same. Don’t you think so ?

      1. Shweta

        Not everyone has a reason… The person being ignored has a self respect to protect… And I am not taking about ego here… When he has tried everything in his capacity to contact the other one and yet no response.. It’s time to be cold blooded and protect himself from being hurt further!!

      2. hemangfans Post author

        But maybe there are some genuine reasons for the opp person to behave such or maybe some force behind that person is making him/her to ignore. I think reason should be known and then decision should be taken.

      3. Shweta

        If the person cares.. He’ll be courteous enough to let you know the reason and at least say, “I am in a bit of mess and need time to sort things out. Sorry for ignoring. Will get back to you as soon as I can”
        Communication is one of the most important factors in any relationship.

  2. Naresh DBritto

    Hi Hemang, It is becoming quite common in today’s busy life style. Some deliberately does it while some unconsioucly does it. That’s life.


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