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Friends – lifeline of my life

Friends !!! Friends !!! Friends !!!

This is what I have and I always treasure all my friends. There is no gender discrimination in my friend list. I have male friends (which are very obvious as being a male myself) and I have almost equal number of female friends too.

I am found spending more time with my friends then my cousins or relatives. So you meanBest_friends to say am I that popular within friends? Do I really need to answer this? Friends are like soulmates to me. I eat friends, I drink friends, I sleep friends…(now please stop your corrupt thinking tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-161 ). Friends are like my family members.

From my childhood I always had many friends, thanks to those old golden days with no idiot box and smart phones in our pockets. So the only option left was to play with friends. Even the building I used to stay in had many children (boys and girls) of my age and we all used to have a gala time everyday. This old habit of staying more with friends has still not gone out of me and I still love being with my friends tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-061.

But as time passes our priorities changes so does choice of friends. Earlier when we were kids we didn’t mind making friends with anyone or everyone. Now since we have grown we think twice before making new friends. Maybe not only twice but thrice and x number of times incase the opposite person is not of the same gender. Is there any reason as why have to think so much? Maybe we feel how others will react? What will others say? What will they feel? What if this … what if that … and the questions pops on and on. Our society does not appreciate or rather accept a boy and a girl being good friends. And more of it if a married man been a good friend with a married woman or vice versa.

I really don’t understand what is wrong in having friendship? Friendship does not really mean physical. It is just that two persons of same liking and thoughts get along well with each other. Some similarity and common thoughts starts a bonding between 2 of them and then it turns into a relation called friendship. So what’s wrong in this? Why people when grow up starts taking wrong meaning of the relationship. Why our so-called “Samaj” (our system) doesn’t accept it without finding any glitches in it.

best-friends-quotesI am sure every one of us must be having one best friend who stands out of the crowd of friends list and this is the one whom we enjoy the company of being called the best friend. I too have one best friend and I do like the company of that friend. And as I said earlier I do not make friendship by looks. It is just that the instinct within me that tells yes this person is the right choice …!!! And then no looking back once both are tied with the band of friendship. Forgetting any of my friend is just out of the question.

I have many friends and for my easy-to-go-around with them I have classified them into categories. School friends, old building friends, new building friends (hardly any), college friends, my ex-office friends, friends of friends and the list goes on…. I have internally set priorities in terms of my bonding with them and I know the bunch of friends who really stands with me all the time.

I would definitely like to sing this song, for all my friends out there, one of my favorite from Bollywood movie “Sholay

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge…”

So what are your views and thoughts on friendship?

Road to success!!!

road-to-success_2The road to success is not a straight road. Anyone who has achieved success in their life will tell you that their journey to reach the top was not an easy one. The hurdles that they have faced are not simpler to jump upon. The type of roadblocks, disappointment in life, bad decisions (personal or professional), failures and type of experiences collectively helps to reach success. Many of the successful people must have reached the lowest bottom in their life cycle (which comprises of positive and negative graphs). This rock bottom helps one to bring changes in their life. And this leads to the road of success. The journey starts from here.

No one can change their life overnight. It takes days, months and sometimes years too. The path is not easy. But here are few things which I feel can help getting change in the direction of life. It might not take you to reach success but will definitely help to walk on the path to reach the top.

1. Read daily

Read informative material daily. This will help you to know and gain information of things happening around you. Get into the habit of reading books everyday. About 10-15 pages daily can help to finish one book a month. Read all types of books; fiction and non-fiction all combined. This way you can get entertainment as well as information too.

2. Write down your Goals

Each and every person has some goals in life. Make a habit to write it down on a piece of paper. Ensure that where ever you write it down, you need to read it daily once you get up and once before going to sleep. This will help your subconscious mind to stay focus on your achievement.

3. Stay healthy, exercise yourself

This is too important point to be followed. As to reach success, there are lots of hard work needed. Without efforts one cannot get what they desire and for this health plays a very important role. Physical and mental fitness is must. Gyming, walking, swimming, cycling can help to keep you fit. Yoga, proper diet, good sleep helps for mental fitness.

4. Never stop learning

There are so many new things happening around. Life always teaches us new things. Try learning new skills like playing new instruments, learning new language, joining any club, and many more. It will help you to increase creativity in yourself. There is an old saying “Never stop learning, when we stop learning, we stop growing”.

5. Stop complaining

One of the worst habit of a human being is he/she always keep on complaining. Complaints mean having a negative attitude. Negative attitude creates hurdles in the path of success. If you encounter problems or challenges in life, don’t complain, instead find solution to it and move on.


Now or later…

Procrastination_1Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last-minute” before the deadline.

This is very commonly seen among all of us. There are some decisions in our life which we do not take or rather try to avoid taking it on time. The reason being we are not confident or are afraid to do so.

When we decide to change the major challenge is procrastination, putting off until tomorrow. For example, we get so much use to our office environment after spending few years within the same organisation that thinking of changing the job is the least priority in life. The ease, comfort ness and the culture around us in the office does not make you think of changing over. Infact procrastination prevents us from growing and changing. And as more and more time passes by the task of procrastination goes into dread state. The things we avoid begin to consume us.

The time we become aware that we are procrastinating then its time we need to faceProcrastination_2 ourselves—incase we want to grow. If we avoid ourselves then this situation goes on and on. There is always time for deliberation and also time for action. When its time for action, be brave, act with boldness and move on. Some calculated risks do help to grow. And yes we are bound to make mistakes; it’s a fact of life. If we don’t make mistakes then it means we are not doing anything significant in our life.

Its Time to Move ON !!!!

Smart phones and dumb people

I got this forwarded video from one of my friend on Whatsapp and very nicely it shows the disadvantages of extensive use of technology. It loudly says that day by day how dumb we are becoming by using more and more of smart gadgets. And it’s a fact that today’s generation is totally deep drowned into gadgets.

It’s my personal request to all the parents reading my post that please encourage your child/children to play as much outdoor games as possible and make them understand the disadvantages of heavily dependency of technology. Make them learn music, dance, painting, reading or any type of such creativity which will help them in future.

How to get over when you are ignored


Have you by any chance till now got into a situation where in you are being ignored or you are sending messages (be it mails, texts, bbm, whatsapp) and there is no response from the opposite person. I am sure you must have checked your phone thousand times just to see if there is a reply of your messages. The opposite person can be anyone (maybe ex gf/bf tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006 or spouse or boss or one of your best buddies). You keep on sending messages day after day and there is no response from him/her (henceforth I will be referring this person as X person). So how does one feel it? And especially when you are in good communication till last week and all of sudden there is total silence between both. It seems that the X person has disappeared from your life.

So what will you be doing now? OR rather what can you do?

Here are few of the things one could and should do:-

  • Go offline

Block the X person on facebook, linkedin, whatsapp or any sort of social media. The more you look at the profile of the X person the more you will be tempted to talk with him/her. It will be a painful treatment for you incase you see the X person online and not responding to you.

  • Show your patience

The best way to exhibit your patience is by engaging yourself in something you like the most, any activity or hobby or engage yourself deep into your work. Don’t give yourself any breathing space to think about the X person. At least till the time you hear from him/her.

  •  Leave the X person alone

You cannot force anyone to respond to your message. It’s upto him/her, whether that X person wants to reply or still ignore you the way its going on.

  • Spend your time with buddies

Try to spend as much time as possible with other friends. Talk about everything and anything but except this topic. This will help to relive some sort of stress from you. Go out, dance, eat, drink, have fun with friends.

  •  Adopt the policy of ttyl or just a smiley tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

If at all any time (maybe after one day, 3 days, a week, a month) of the day or night the X person calls you then be cool and say you will get back to him/her later as you are very much busy. Incase he/she send any text messages, then just respond by saying ttyl or simply send one smiley.

Ignorance_1Believe me, as I write this I do know it’s easier said then done. The type of feeling one goes through is very tough to mention. Add to this the X person will sometimes respond in monosyllables, adding more fumes inside you. So many thoughts erupt in our mind as to why and for what reason you are being ignored? Is it something you have said or done wrong for which you are getting punished? All such thoughts lead to sleepless nights and affect your daily routine life.

If the above points are followed (which I know is very difficult and the last one is theIgnorance toughest) not needed to be in the same order as said, then chances are you would never be ignored by that X person in future and if at all you still are then time to get some change in your life.

PS. The book “The One You Cannot Have” by Preeti Shenoy inspired me to write it.

My 1st live fashion show

Yesterday I had the honor of attending an amazing fashion show “Resort Rampage Silhouettes 2014”, a fashion presentation by the graduating students of B.D.Somani Institute of Art & Technology. This was a first live fashion show event I have seen or attended it. Although I have watched lots of FTV in my earlier days when the channel was newly introduced in India. I know I am not a fashion journalist or a fashion gig but always wanted to see a live event and yesterday I was lucky to get tick mark on my long pending to-do list. All the credit goes to Mr. Deepan Lad & Mrs. Nikkisha Lad (Nikki).

The show was superb with excellent display of fashion design talents by the students of the college. And the ramp was burning hot with all the beautiful models with their zig-zag cat walk. Few of the known models like Parul Duggal (runner-up of Miss Globe International), Himangini Singh Yadu (Miss Asia-Pacific World 2012), Sangya Lakhanpal, Priyanka Shah were part of the hot sizzling list of models. All the above names were the inputs given by Nikki (as myself have never heard any of them tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-147)

Best part of the full show was the ramp walk by small kids, the theme was beach wear for kids. I suppose the kids age range from 4-7 years and all of them were really cute and sweet while walking on the ramp. Almost all the kids showed lots of attitude, displaying lots of new style to stand and were waving to the crowd as if like they are the winners. I really loved this part of the show.

This time we were sitting little away from the ramp but Nikki has promised that next year she will get us to sit closest to the ramp tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032. On a serious note; Nikkisha your design collection were awesome. A round of applause for your work. I enjoyed seeing the collection of other designers featured at the show and hoping to get more such opportunities in future.

Overall had a good Sunday evening along with other friends accompanied with wine and dine.


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