Your birth right…don’t miss it !!!

2After 2 days Mumbai have its V day…. So all of Mumbaikars… gear up and don’t make any other plans except to go and cast your Vote. The much hyped General Lok Sabha Elections which is schedule on 24th April for Mumbai constitute is just round the corner.

Personally, I believe the only way we can reclaim our government is by taking part in1 politics. Our strength is our numbers and if our number is informed and involved, we can reclaim our government. You all must have noticed that this year the number of voting turnout percentage has on an average increased by 10% for all the other states in India. So Mumbaikars lets not be left behind from the rest and let us show all of them that we too can overtake the other states. The same goes for all my friends and readers residing in other parts of India too.

3So please don’t miss your chance to vote this time. Each vote counts and your vote will make the difference. You are equally important to India. You are one of the responsible citizen who has got this right for exercising your vote. Don’t let it go waste by not voting. The Constitution of India has granted you the power to vote and thus, please make good use of this power that is bestowed upon you.

Pledge from me and I suppose all of you must do:-

I, an Indian citizen, take oath that I will exercise my valuable right given by the Constitution of India, of casting my vote, under every possible circumstance and whenever I get the opportunity. Election of our representative by voting is not only our right but also our duty towards the country.

I will make all possible efforts to use my vote to elect a public representative who would meet nation’s expectations and,

I also take oath that I would also encourage other people to vote with awareness.

“I can make the Difference”

 4 7

Slogans – courtesy to my colleague

2 thoughts on “Your birth right…don’t miss it !!!

  1. Atul koradiya

    Very true bro….
    One should have no right to blame politicians for any situation like inflation, corruption or any other matters who do not vote,
    Let’s vote for a change,
    let’s vote for better INDIA…..
    I have planned to cast very first vote from my polling booth…..
    its time to show the power of a COMMON MAN…..


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