Favourite school teacher….

It has been long 22 years since I completed my school and there are still lots of sweet memories which always are fresh in my mind.

I still remember those school days of mine where in I (maybe not only myself but all the boys of the school) used to like one of our teacher a lot. As far as I recollect she use to teach us History subject. History was a subject which no one liked it. The old ancient discoveries and then The Great Shivaji and Akbar regime stories were the syllabus during our school days. So many dates to remember, like the birth year of Mahatma Gandhi, the first battle of Panipat and then the second battle, the date when Shivaji killed Afzal Khan and so on …. as if we had to set up a calendar app in our mind and feed in those dates so that we can recollect back during exam time.

In spite of not having any liking for this subject myself (and I suppose rest of the boys gang too) we always use to eagerly wait for this period. She was one of the beauties in our school. No doubts that we had many good-looking teachers, as our school was a convent school and the area where it’s located has majority of Christians staying around it.

Somehow I always had more liking for only one teacher. I always use to wait for the day when we had history period and on that day my eagerness to see her use to increase more since history period was most of the time after the long break. Her sweet smile still flashes in front of my eyes. I still am able to recollect her sweet voice whenever I think of the school days. She had some sort of charisma in her. Her dress up style always left an impact on me. Her cat walk, her way to teach & explain things was amazing. And on top of this, her make up and high heel shoes which use to make noise added additional attraction in her. She was simply “Gorgeous”.

I remember once incident where in my immediate neighbour sharing the same bench with me suddenly complained to madam about headache. And to all of our surprise madam walked down till our bench and gently moved her hand over my friend’s head and unbelievable happened …. within seconds his headache had vanished. I always envied this friend of mine as I knew that he was just acting for headache so that madam can come and give him sympathy. And from that day I always thought of doing such mischief but unluckily ended up doing nothing.

I hope all my class mates reading this post and especially the guys would recollect those old school days. I purposely have not written the name of the teacher for personal reason.

The book “Like it Happened Yesterday” by Ravinder Singh inspired me to write this post.

4 thoughts on “Favourite school teacher….

  1. pinky kapoor

    Reading yr blog just got a smile on my face n got into school memories and v truly she ws gorgeous teacher

  2. pinkypatel

    Hehehe……I do agree…….N understand. The crush on teacher..as me too a teacher….but really. ….those days were just….can’t explain. .N now dying to live that days again..but unfortunately. ..can’t. …so I always…collect..N save my memories. ..


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