Train Rage…

Today morning, I witnessed one more fight in the Mumbai locals. Unlike the last adventure this time it was not for a seat. I know those travelling in trains in Mumbai must be thinking that it is very common and happens every day. So are we really commuting to reach our destination or travelling to fight and remove frustration or anger on someone?

Today’s incidence took an ugly turn when a person tried boarding the train and he mistakenly pushed another person who was standing near the gate. Although the first guy said sorry but the verbal abuse started tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-084. In no time the train compartment turned into a WWF ring. The passengers sitting were the boundary of the ring although no ropes but with so many referees trying their best to take control on the situation in the compartment turned ring tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-021. Yes literally fist fight started between both of them and they were falling from side of passengers to other side of passengers who were trying to save themselves from getting hurt. All this lasted for few minutes and there was lot of chaos in the compartment.

Interesting to note that all this happened in first class compartment between 2 gentlemen who were neatly dressed up and were possessing high-tech gadgets with them. After all these years of train traveling in second and first class I have concluded that if you have a travel pass of 1st class compartment means you own the railways. No doubts there are more cultured gentlemen and more decency in 1st class but people cannot bear discomfort. The amount of people traveling and that too in peak hours can lead to little pushing or discomfort. We all have to realise that life is full of adjustment and try to adjust so that yourself as well as others are happy too. There is no point losing your temper and getting into fights with anyone. We all want to reach to our destination on time. Stay calm and be happy.

3 thoughts on “Train Rage…

  1. pinkypatel

    Yes..u right hemang ….but in today’s fast life….everyone is in hurry….no one thinks of others..just by saying sorry…..matter can be handle…plus politeness..should be there..but no one bothers. this is going to happen

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