My love towards Parker …

You getting it wrong here … I am not referring to any cricketer or celebrity or female, but it is “Parker Pen”. I always had and still have crush on Fountain Pen and specially Parker brand. From childhood I used to carry atleast one Parker pen with me daily to school. I never used to keep it in my compass box. I would secretly hide it in one of the small pockets of my school bag, due to the fear that I might drop it or break it or lose it if it’s in my compass box (don’t know why I use to think such when I was small tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032). But this fear of mine has always taken toll on me and I have ended up losing / misplacing many such Parker pens till now.

Few of the incidents are very much in my memory and all due to my negligence for sure.

I remember last year when I was on official visit to my Bangalore office, at the airport security check, I had to keep all my belongings in the tray and pass through the security check. And how forgetful I can be that I picked up rest of the things from the tray and left my pen in it. I realise this when I boarded the flight and then I could do nothing much tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003.

Another incident I am able to recollect, few years back, I lost one of my Parker pen while travelling in Mumbai locals. As usual, the amount of people wanting to board in the train during morning hours is unimaginable and I also was one of them. And after lots of efforts, I managed to get in the train but unfortunately I left my Parker pen outside. I felt that my pen has fallen but there was nothing I could do or pick it up. I was pushed by others and found myself already inside the train tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-152. From that day onwards I never kept any Parker pen in my shirt pocket.

Today, again one more heart breaking day, an unfortunate day to lose one more of my Parker collection. I was changing the ink cartridge and while doing so God knows from where I got so much strength in me that I broke the plastic part of the lid to be fitted. This time I did not misplace it but I myself broke it. I have the pen with me in 2 parts and no fevicol or feviquick can help to join it in one piece. Sob sob….. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-115

I really am regretting as to why did I put pressure on the pen today and why could I not handle it gently with soft hands. Year after year my collection of Parker’s is reducing. It is high time I need to start adding more. And all these pens till now have been gifted to me from someone or the other. So losing them makes me feel bad and more emotional.

So now since all of you know about my secret love, I am expecting few more additions in my collection of Parker soon ….. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006

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