Total relax….

A_Man_RelaxingI am writing this from home. Yes, today I have not gone to office and I am at home only. So you must be wondering, how come at home on Friday? Today not being any public holiday then too I am at home. Actually I was not feeling well in the morning and hence decided to take a day off from work and relax at home.

Although I am not a person who take sick leave for no reason. I hardly remember staying back home with unfit reporting to my office. I must have taken very less unwell-holidays in my entire professional career till now. I bet I can count them on my fingers.

Today morning when I got up I was feeling giddy but then also I dragged myself to get ready for office. I didn’t want to take holiday or skip my work for such small reason. I was having my breakfast and again I felt the same sensation of giddiness in me. I immediately decided that today I will take break from my work and relax at home. I didn’t want to stress myself and fall sick.

I wonder what’s happening in me? How come all of sudden my body is becoming weak. Is it the climate change or the heat which is gaining strength in Mumbai, taking toll on me? Whatever be the reason I will ensure that I stay fit and healthy so my professional life is not affected.

On other hand, staying back at home on a weekday is something different experience. All at home were busy in their routine work, wife cooking food and parallelly helping my daughter, daughter was busy in her studies and getting ready for her school, parents doing their own sort of things. I can see all of them running around unlike a weekend where the routine work schedule changes and everyone has more free time. I am lying on my bed relaxing and recovering myself. Also I am happy that staying back I got a chance to write this post as now a days my office work is keeping me little busy.

Finally, I have nothing much to do today except to relax and get charged up for the long weekend.

Wishing you all a Happy & Colorful Holi!!!

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