Shaadi ke side / effects

Shaadi_ke_side_effectsYesterday I watched bollywood movie Shaadi ke side effects. After seeing it I really wonder whether the title really suits the story? The plot seems to be like Shaadi ke after effects 🙂 .  I know my lovely Mrs. Wife will be fuming after reading my above lines 😉 . I am just kidding Mrs. Wife tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-080.

The movie has story of a young newly married couple who had their dreams of moving ahead in their respective careers and all of sudden they realised that the wife has got pregnant and both will soon to be parents. It was an untimely pregnancy and they both were not ready for it. However wife got convinced and husband still in two minds, they go ahead giving birth of their child.

Infact such above scenario is now a day very commonly seen in young generation. Giving birth to a child means both husband and wife has to be mutually ready and agreed to move to the next step in life. If anyone of them is not fully convinced then the story which is shown in the movie is perfectly matched.

Once a child is born, the love, caring, attention gets divided between three of them. It’s the wife who has gone thru 9 months of pregnancy faces lots of new challenges in her life. She is the one who runs, manages the house and even other family members. Many times she is the one who has to sacrifice the most in terms of work, career, personal likings and many more. Guys, I know now you must be getting angry on me. I never said that man is for nothing. Once man becomes father even his responsibility doubles up. Now he also has one more to care and love for. But frankly I feel it’s woman who gets more adjusted and changes herself as compare to man. A bow to all the woman tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-058 .

Oops I went off track…. The first half of the movie was nice with good comedy (I could hear people laughing in the theatre) and nicely choreographed “Desi Romance” song. But the second half was little slow-moving where in there were lots of “yes & no” in the minds of husband and wife.

Overall, an average movie with not so good songs or music but having nice story baseline. And definitely a must watch a movie for people who will be entering or planning to enter into parenthood.

Wishing my Mom, my Wife and all the lovely female readers … advance

Happy Woman’s Day!!!

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