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WhatsAppitis !!!

You must be wondering what is WhatsAppitis? Recently I read an article and made me curious to find more about it. “WhatsAppitis” is a name of a disease derived from the name of the most popular messaging app “WhatsApp”. WhatsAppitis is recently been diagnosed and its first victim being a 34-year old pregnant woman in Granada, Spain.

whatsappitisI always have been telling and informing people about the disadvantage of high usage of Whatsapp. Even my earlier post had mentioned the addiction of WhatsApp. As there are 2 sides of a coin, same way WhatsApp has its own advantage and disadvantage. Advantage being it has helped people getting connected to each other; not only one to one but one to many. Like wise it has the negative effect of people parting away from each other too. Relations are broken, minds are getting diverted, and the list goes on.

Few days back I had read an article in newspaper and I suppose many of you would have read it too. Recent survey shows divorce cases have increased to 200%, reason being high usage of social media. Another study says that out of 5000 divorce cases filed last year 3000 cases are related to technology.

whatsappitis_2Ok … so back again on WhatsAppintis. “WhatsAppitis” is a credible disease, with bilateral wrist pain induced by excessive use of ‘WhatsApp’. The case, described by the doctor, said the patient was suffering sudden pain in both wrists after waking up in the morning. The patient had been working on Christmas Eve. The next day, she responded to the many WhatsApp social messages that had been sent to her. Her phone was in her hands for at least six hours, during which she “made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages”, said the doctor.

Day by day there is rise in number of victims due to WhatsApp. Examples like break-up in love, break-up in marriages, mis-understandings, illicit affairs, partner being caught with lover using GPS, and extreme cases being chatting on WhatsApp during sex too.

Earlier, before WhatsApp, heavy cell phone users have found to suffer from “Ringxiety” — a phenomenon in which users imagine their phone ringing or feel it vibrate when it actually doesn’t. These users hear this phantom ring more often than those using the phone in moderation. I am sure most of us must have suffered this “Ringxiety”.

I, myself being a Nomophobic, can’t resist being away from WhatsApp. Although I had stopped using Whatsapp for 2 weeks sometime back, but now after reading the article on WhatsAppitis I will definitely reduce and restrict myself.

Happiness & Joy of Giving!!!

There is an old saying “The more you give, the more you get”. We as human being, do we really have a big heart to give without any expectation? And how much one can give? There is no boundary for giving. It is an endless thing. Often times we feel like we can’t really give anything to anyone since we don’t have enough for ourselves and we repeat this story to ourselves for so long and eventually we make it part of our reality, but is that really true? Is there really nothing you have to offer to the world? I doubt that.

Last week, myself along with my wife, my daughter and 2 more friends visited an Orphanage in Malad (see below few pics clicked by my friend) and the good feeling of visiting it still is within me. This orphanage is only for girls. The sight of girls playing games, enjoying with their friends, chit chatting, running around here and there, touched our heart. Although this is not the first time I am visiting this place, I have been here 2 times earlier too. But this visit left a huge impact on me. The following night I could not sleep well and was just trying to think and think on the same. How can I be part of giving? How often should I help those in need? What have I done till now? Why I have not been so active in helping the needy?

Next day I happen to discuss this with my other 2 friends and the same thoughts were also going on in their minds too. I hit upon an idea wherein we decided that every month we will keep aside some fix amount and after every 3 months we will visit one such orphanage or any such place, which are in need of something or the other and donate with the money we have kept aside. In this way we will get a chance to help the needy maybe in a smaller way but with bigger joy in our hearts.

There are so many things we can all offer to those around us and believe it or not many of these things are free. If you have material things you would like to give away to those who have less than you do, give it and if you feel like you don’t have any material possession to offer, give them your time, your knowledge, your love and support and many of the things you have that cost you nothing but they value a lot.

Give, and it will be given to you….. for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return. —- Jesus Christ.

You get what you give …

  Happiness & Joy of Giving_2     Happiness & Joy of Giving_3 Happiness & Joy of Giving_1      Happiness & Joy of Giving_4 Happiness & Joy of Giving_5      Happiness & Joy of Giving_6

Total relax….

A_Man_RelaxingI am writing this from home. Yes, today I have not gone to office and I am at home only. So you must be wondering, how come at home on Friday? Today not being any public holiday then too I am at home. Actually I was not feeling well in the morning and hence decided to take a day off from work and relax at home.

Although I am not a person who take sick leave for no reason. I hardly remember staying back home with unfit reporting to my office. I must have taken very less unwell-holidays in my entire professional career till now. I bet I can count them on my fingers.

Today morning when I got up I was feeling giddy but then also I dragged myself to get ready for office. I didn’t want to take holiday or skip my work for such small reason. I was having my breakfast and again I felt the same sensation of giddiness in me. I immediately decided that today I will take break from my work and relax at home. I didn’t want to stress myself and fall sick.

I wonder what’s happening in me? How come all of sudden my body is becoming weak. Is it the climate change or the heat which is gaining strength in Mumbai, taking toll on me? Whatever be the reason I will ensure that I stay fit and healthy so my professional life is not affected.

On other hand, staying back at home on a weekday is something different experience. All at home were busy in their routine work, wife cooking food and parallelly helping my daughter, daughter was busy in her studies and getting ready for her school, parents doing their own sort of things. I can see all of them running around unlike a weekend where the routine work schedule changes and everyone has more free time. I am lying on my bed relaxing and recovering myself. Also I am happy that staying back I got a chance to write this post as now a days my office work is keeping me little busy.

Finally, I have nothing much to do today except to relax and get charged up for the long weekend.

Wishing you all a Happy & Colorful Holi!!!

Shaadi ke side / effects

Shaadi_ke_side_effectsYesterday I watched bollywood movie Shaadi ke side effects. After seeing it I really wonder whether the title really suits the story? The plot seems to be like Shaadi ke after effects 🙂 .  I know my lovely Mrs. Wife will be fuming after reading my above lines 😉 . I am just kidding Mrs. Wife tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-080.

The movie has story of a young newly married couple who had their dreams of moving ahead in their respective careers and all of sudden they realised that the wife has got pregnant and both will soon to be parents. It was an untimely pregnancy and they both were not ready for it. However wife got convinced and husband still in two minds, they go ahead giving birth of their child.

Infact such above scenario is now a day very commonly seen in young generation. Giving birth to a child means both husband and wife has to be mutually ready and agreed to move to the next step in life. If anyone of them is not fully convinced then the story which is shown in the movie is perfectly matched.

Once a child is born, the love, caring, attention gets divided between three of them. It’s the wife who has gone thru 9 months of pregnancy faces lots of new challenges in her life. She is the one who runs, manages the house and even other family members. Many times she is the one who has to sacrifice the most in terms of work, career, personal likings and many more. Guys, I know now you must be getting angry on me. I never said that man is for nothing. Once man becomes father even his responsibility doubles up. Now he also has one more to care and love for. But frankly I feel it’s woman who gets more adjusted and changes herself as compare to man. A bow to all the woman tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-058 .

Oops I went off track…. The first half of the movie was nice with good comedy (I could hear people laughing in the theatre) and nicely choreographed “Desi Romance” song. But the second half was little slow-moving where in there were lots of “yes & no” in the minds of husband and wife.

Overall, an average movie with not so good songs or music but having nice story baseline. And definitely a must watch a movie for people who will be entering or planning to enter into parenthood.

Wishing my Mom, my Wife and all the lovely female readers … advance

Happy Woman’s Day!!!

Time – Where do I find it?


Today morning as I got up I realised that we have lots of time in this world but actually running short of time every day. Our hectic life, be it work, family, friends or anything else eats up our time in a day tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-143 .

Except for weekends and for some people only Sundays we get time for our kids. How much time do we spend with them in a week? Counting 16 hours in a day (leaving 7-8 hours of sleep which is a must for normal human beings), how many hours in a day we spend with our kids? Monday to Friday we all are busy with our daily routine schedules. The amount of work pressure plus travelling time leaves us with no energy at the end of the day. I leave my home at sharp 8.05 am to catch my daily routine train and also to reach office on time. We all have a fixed time to leave from home but there is no fixed return time from office. Normally I am back by 8.30 pm which is dinner time. So am out of home for approx 12 hours in a day. My daughter has her school from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm which means by the time I leave home in the morning she is still in bed or half awake. This leaves me with only 2-3 hours a day in the evening during the week which I can spend with her, in which case she has her home work to complete, her extra curricular classes (thrice a week) which gets over at 9 pm. So at the end of the day we both (myself and my daughter) are exhausted and hardly have any energy left to do any more activities.

It is only the weekends wherein I ensure myself to spend most of my time with her. Again on Saturday mornings also she has her extra curricular activities. After dropping her at class, I finish my pending weekend work. Afternoon is the time where I take her studies, revision, homework or worksheets for the exams (only maths and computer, rest of the subjects my wife manages). Sundays are lazy days and I spend my full day with my family. I play with my daughter as per her like; cycling, skating, cricket in the society compound, etc… Sunday evenings are always out with family followed by dinner 🙂 .

I realised that we all are (atleast I am) living such a mechanical life where in we are forced to move as per the clock hands and hence we have no time to experience smaller joys of life.

So Yes, I will have to bring a change in my lifestyle so that I can spend more and more time with my daughter. In a few years she will be old enough to spend most of her time with friends and we will be left at our own mercy. Any suggestions??