Early riser!!!

Can you guess what Adi Godrej and Dr. Manmohan Singh have in common? No not keeping mum 🙂 but they both are early risers. wake_up-300x225In fact if you read about life of successful personality then one can find a common thread between all of them; they all wake up early. It’s a habit that works wonderfully in their life, so it can do magic in yours too. One good single habit really will change your life. Wake up early!!!

An old story you must have heard, every morning in African jungle, a gazelle wakes up early having the mindset that it has to run faster than a lion inorder to survive, whereas a lion wakes up early having the mindset to run faster then a slowest gazelle or else he will be starved to death. The moral of the story is very simple, one has to wake up early before it is too late.

Another old saying which we all have read and heard in school days “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” So one would say that milkman and the newspaper person are one who wakes up before the whole world and they should be the healthiest and wealthiest people in this world 😀 . The saying actually means if you go to bed early, you can get up early. If you get up early, you will be able to take more opportunities to earn more. Also in other words you will get enough sleep to think and do lots of new things in your life.

I always from my childhood was an early riser. Although I had morning school so was forced to get up early but during weekends or holidays also I use to get up early. But then those days I use to sleep early in the night too. Early morning was the time I use to study during my examinations. And still today the practice of getting up early morning is still very much within me. And yes I also am making my daughter learn the significance of waking up early.

wake-up-timeIf you are serious about waking up early then take the first step starting tomorrow itself. Wake up one hour early then your usual time and you will get extra 365 productive hours equivalent to two extra weeks for yourself. You can do many things, like read a book, work on your fitness (walking / exercising / gyming), spend time by yourself or spend time with your loved ones. Don’t you think this can bring change in your life?

Do I hear you say that waking up early is a good habit but you just can’t wake up early?early_riser If such is the case then simply follow this 30-day plan to help you get up early every morning. Set the alarm clock to ring 15 minutes early then your usual wake up time. For example if you wake up at 7 am everyday then set your alarm at 6.45 am. Keep the alarm clock out of your reach so that you cannot snooze it and you have to get up from your bed to stop it. Just jump from your bed as soon as alarm rings. After every 10 days advance the alarm clock by another 15 minutes until a day you will reach wherein you will get up at your target time of one hour early i.e. 6 am. After few days I am sure you will not even need an alarm clock to wake you at 6 am.

This has happened many times with me, if I am excited about something which is about to happen next day, I can hardly sleep that night. I jump out of the bed well before the alarm rings because of the excitement. The anxiety within don’t allow us to sleep well 😉 . I am sure this must be happening to you all also.

So make a habit to get up early, after all, you can always catch up on your sleep when you are dead!


Disclaimer – These are purely my views and it can differ from person to person.

6 thoughts on “Early riser!!!

  1. Pinky Kapoor

    Awsome hp and v well written I totally agree wth your thoughts if u want to b successful u hv to mk changes in yr life getting up early is the first step of it and yoyr entire day rock’s keep writing such wonderful blogs


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