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First visit to Native place

Finally the much awaited first ever trip to my native place ended with lots of good memories in my mind which I will never ever be able to erase it.

The feeling of being part of that place made me feel nostalgic. Our ancestors and great grandfather’s had lived there once upon a time. Today we have nothing of ours in that village. But the type of hospitality and warm welcome we got from the fellow villagers was very much a surprise package to me. Many people know my father very well as lately he has been a frequent visitor to our native place. Being my first visit to my native place made me feel proud of it.

As my earlier blog had mentioned, the curiosity in me of wanting to know the types of houses and what will people be doing in the village was very much within me. Although what I had pictured in my mind was a typical village which we use to draw in our school life in our drawing periods with mud houses and lantern hanging out side; people gathering at ‘chowk’ for daily ‘gupsup’ (gossips) with their hookah in their hand has now changed. Bricks and stones houses have replaced mud houses, proper 24 hours electricity has taken over oil lanterns (thanks to the Gujarat government for providing electricity and water at such interior places). Cigarettes and ready-made pan masala have replaced hookahs too.

My wanting to know more type of nature made me enquire more about my native place. The total population staying in that village is approx 3000 people and there are approx 700 houses in all. The area spans around 4 kms in diameter. People have big houses of their own typically 300-500 sq vaars (incase you don’t know what is vaar then 1 sq. vaar = 9 sq. foot) and also have lots of empty land which they use for farming seasonally. A typical house will have a ‘verandah‘ (a typical open gallery), separate place for cattle (mostly cows), a big living room and minimum of 3-4 bedrooms 🙂 .

Although we had a very short trip and we just spend a couple of hours in our native place but the feeling of freshness in the air with almost zero pollution, smell of cow dung (still used for cooking as well as for farming purpose), sound of cows mooing, dogs littering around, muddy roads, small lanes and the sight of tractor make you feel on top of the world. Such environment and feeling one will never get to see in any metropolitan cities.

The type of life people living in village really keeps me guessing if I have to stay for one week in village then how will I survive. Everything is slow-moving. It seems like God has pressed a slow motion button. Our mind and body will not get adjusted to such slow-moving life easily. I feel that we are the ones who are running around for everything and end result is we are gaining nothing but living a stressful life.

For those interested to see the pics which I have clicked, please scroll down to see more.







Hoping for many more such visits in near future 🙂 .

Native place…. what is that?

This is something I cannot describe and a bit challenging for me. The reason being I never have been to my native place till now. We are originally from Gujarat …. a remote village named Thaniyara which is approx 16 kms from Junagadh district in Gujarat.

My father was born in Thaniyara. My late grandfather migrated to Mumbai somewhere in mid 1950s and got settled here. I was born and bought up in Mumbai. So now we have no roots at all in the village. Even no ancestral home or any property exists which could had made us visit the native place atleast once.

So why am I writing all this? You guessed it right. I am visiting my native place along with the family for the first time. This has created a big excitement inside me. Not only myself but even my daughter is pretty excited to visit it. I can clearly see how she is eagerly waiting to go there. She is just counting how many days left for the trip. Everyday she mentions about the native place and asks me lots of questions; like how is the place? which hotel we are staying over there? what type of restaurant will be available? will we get idli, dosa, pav-bhaji to eat? And I have to explain her that Thaniyara is a small village with not even proper tar road and hardly any public transportation available to reach. There are no hotels or restaurants as such and we will be staying at Junagadh.

I tried google of my native place but could not find any more details or any images too. So this keeps me wondering on how will my village look like? Will it be typical small types where the houses are made of mud and oil lamps are the only means of getting some light during the night? Do people gather in a “chowk” (a common place which is usually in the middle of the village market) during day time playing cards with smoking hookah in their hand? What will be the total population of the village? All these open questions has help to develop a picture in my mind which I also am waiting to see myself.

With all this and lots more in my mind I am looking forward for a maiden exciting trip to my native place.

Pause and decide….

Pause and decideWe, human beings, all of us have anger stored within us. The depth of the anger in us varies from people to people. Some people are very short tempered while some are cool and have high temperament but at some point of time do get irritated.

So talking about anger, why do we get angry? tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081  It is the frustration that comes out from us. Frustration can be of anything. So how does frustration builds up in us? Many factors; unsatisfied job, not doing well in business, breakup in relation, more importantly unfulfilled expectations from your loved ones and the list can go on & on. Slowly slowly all the above factors plus many more helps building frustration within us. How much can one take all these frustration within self. It has to come out someday. And it opts out in way of anger.

Do you think taking out anger helps oneself? tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-074 Well actually a big NO. The words and actions used in anger are very harsh and it really hurts you and the opposite person at later stage. This we all realise it later on and by that time it’s too late.

Sometimes even we are the victim of someone’s anger tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123 . Many times we get hurt by words and action of someone close to us. And we often move away in anger, not realizing that being away and alone could mean paying bigger price. Often anger leads to families split, siblings fight, break-up in friendship, business partnership and even joint ventures break. We do not realise that going away often marks the beginning of new troubles and bigger challenges. Many a times keeping quiet tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-125 also helps but the calmness often hurts either of us.

I remember reading one theory of “Pause and decide”. These 3 words if taken very seriously really help us in our life. Someone says something to us and we immediately react with words and actions tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-004 which later on make us think as why did I say or react to it. If only we had remember the above 3 words of “Pause and decide” then maybe the scenario would have been different.

So next time you are angry or hurt, take a deep breath and stay calm. Next time something goes wrong and you want to react then hold it for a moment. Let the moment pass by, let your mind settle down and let your mind become more clearer. And trust me the decision that follows is usually lot better and productive then the one you would have taken earlier.

I know you must be thinking as to why such post on a Valentine’s day. So the point is to stop anger, hatred and instead start loving all in this world. Be it family, friends, office colleagues, business associates and anyone and everyone, spread the beauty of love.

 Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day !!! tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-020

Annual day event

Yesterday I along with my wife attended our daughter’s annual day function at Prabodhankar Thackeray Natya Mandir auditorium, and we both enjoyed the full show tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-024. Till now I never have missed any of my daughter’s annual day function. All her previous annual day’s have been on a working day and I always took a day off from my office, ensure to attend the event and see all the children perform. One really feels nice to see all the children dressed up in various colourful costumes and all sort of make-ups done on their body.

This year I must appreciate that the organising committee of the school had made adequate arrangement at the auditorium, starting with the allocation of the seats (seat numbers were given on first cum first server basis), pick-up and dispersal of all the kids, theme of the event and not to forget the Chief Guests of the show.

I really like the theme of the show which was based on the famous serial on SAB tv “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma”. To be frank, this is one of my favourite serial and not only mine but my full family likes to watch it. We don’t miss any of the episode of this serial no matter even there is Indo-Pak cricket match going on. This serial has good humorous comedy and there is always a moral at the end. The show and title are based on the column “Duniya na Undha Chasma” written by columnist and journalist Taarak Mehta for the Gujarati weekly magazine Chitralekha.

Ok back to the Annual day, the theme selected was very nice and children enacted the characters very well. Inbetween there were dance shows performed by all the school children based on all the festivals celebrated in India. The reason being “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma” serial has shown mix culture families staying in the same building and all families celebrate all the festivals together. My daughter had participated in 2 dance shows, one was the class dance and second was special group of students dancing on roller skates. One good thing about the school is that they ensure or sort of make it compulsion for all the students to participate in the annual day and no one is left out (unless anyone has genuine reason for not participating).

This reminds me of my school days and as far as I recollect, I hardly had participated in annual functions in my childhood (as it was not a compulsion to participate and I always like to enjoy watching instead of performing 🙂 ). Now I feel … like kaash …. I had participated more in such annual day events in my school days, the stage fright in me would have not stayed with me till now.

Annual_day_12 Annual_day_7 Annual_day_10 Annual_day_9

Seeing all the children displaying their dancing skill with various props made me feel nostalgic and energetic too. This is one reason I never miss the annual day function and in future also would never like to miss it. I have clicked few pics of different dances. Please excuse me for the low quality pics as these have been clicked from my phone and we are not allowed to carry any handycam or digicam inside the auditorium during the show.

Overall, good efforts worth deserving a standing ovation for all the school staff and also for all children to actively learn and perform with enthusiasm tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-058.

Annual_day_6 Annual_day_5 Annual_day_3 Annual_day_2

Early riser!!!

Can you guess what Adi Godrej and Dr. Manmohan Singh have in common? No not keeping mum 🙂 but they both are early risers. wake_up-300x225In fact if you read about life of successful personality then one can find a common thread between all of them; they all wake up early. It’s a habit that works wonderfully in their life, so it can do magic in yours too. One good single habit really will change your life. Wake up early!!!

An old story you must have heard, every morning in African jungle, a gazelle wakes up early having the mindset that it has to run faster than a lion inorder to survive, whereas a lion wakes up early having the mindset to run faster then a slowest gazelle or else he will be starved to death. The moral of the story is very simple, one has to wake up early before it is too late.

Another old saying which we all have read and heard in school days “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” So one would say that milkman and the newspaper person are one who wakes up before the whole world and they should be the healthiest and wealthiest people in this world 😀 . The saying actually means if you go to bed early, you can get up early. If you get up early, you will be able to take more opportunities to earn more. Also in other words you will get enough sleep to think and do lots of new things in your life.

I always from my childhood was an early riser. Although I had morning school so was forced to get up early but during weekends or holidays also I use to get up early. But then those days I use to sleep early in the night too. Early morning was the time I use to study during my examinations. And still today the practice of getting up early morning is still very much within me. And yes I also am making my daughter learn the significance of waking up early.

wake-up-timeIf you are serious about waking up early then take the first step starting tomorrow itself. Wake up one hour early then your usual time and you will get extra 365 productive hours equivalent to two extra weeks for yourself. You can do many things, like read a book, work on your fitness (walking / exercising / gyming), spend time by yourself or spend time with your loved ones. Don’t you think this can bring change in your life?

Do I hear you say that waking up early is a good habit but you just can’t wake up early?early_riser If such is the case then simply follow this 30-day plan to help you get up early every morning. Set the alarm clock to ring 15 minutes early then your usual wake up time. For example if you wake up at 7 am everyday then set your alarm at 6.45 am. Keep the alarm clock out of your reach so that you cannot snooze it and you have to get up from your bed to stop it. Just jump from your bed as soon as alarm rings. After every 10 days advance the alarm clock by another 15 minutes until a day you will reach wherein you will get up at your target time of one hour early i.e. 6 am. After few days I am sure you will not even need an alarm clock to wake you at 6 am.

This has happened many times with me, if I am excited about something which is about to happen next day, I can hardly sleep that night. I jump out of the bed well before the alarm rings because of the excitement. The anxiety within don’t allow us to sleep well 😉 . I am sure this must be happening to you all also.

So make a habit to get up early, after all, you can always catch up on your sleep when you are dead!


Disclaimer – These are purely my views and it can differ from person to person.

An evening at Erangal beach

One more Sunday evening and one more memory to keep it in my life. A wonderful evening spent with my bunch of School friends along with their family (spouse and kids). It was sort of mini reunion and we 10 families had a gala time.

Initially we had decided to goto Aksa beach in Malad (a famous destination and only option of a beach for suburban areas like Malad and Kandivali). But we ended landing up at Erangal beach which is little ahead of Aksa. So as decided, our meeting point was our School, a remarkable place which one always wants to see it more frequently. And thanks to me, as I was little late in reaching the spot (due to unavoidable circumstances), other friends got a chance to pay a visit to the school premises along with their kids. The reason being none of our kids are studying in the same school as ours.

From here our journey to the Aksa beach started. All got set in their own vehicles and were excited to reach the destination. Although its just almost 8 km drive, luckily since we were early in afternoon we did not get much traffic and reach Aksa beach within few minutes. Upon seeing the number of cars parked and the hassle to get a parking space, it made us change the destination to Erangal beach. Although the stretch of the beach is the same which extends to Madh island but Erangal is less crowded and not much people knows this spot. And we were really happy to take the right decision.

As we reached the beach spot, all including the kids started playing; volley ball, foot ball, flying dish were some of the games we played. And all our spouses got settled in their own way with their chit chat and never ending talks 🙂

IMG_4945                                            IMG_4982

Soon, Amit M made us play a very good entertainment game, wherein we have to keep a balloon between our legs and walk from one end to other. It was really a nice game and we all enjoyed it a lot. Next in line was standing Kho Kho and we had to burn our fats to play this game. In-between all these, we had awesome snacks arranged by Sanjay S. We did not realise how time flew by and soon it became dark, and it was time to leave the beach.

IMG_4986   IMG_4980 IMG_4947 IMG_4946 IMG_4984       IMG_4981

Our next destination was dinner in a restaurant and our seats were already being reserved before hand. All of us had awesome dinner followed by delicious Paan (courtesy Vips and Prashant P).

A good time spent with friends and their family with lots of fun and frolic and hoping to have many more such in future. One more un-forgetful evening came to an end which will live with me for long long time.

 IMG_4987                               IMG_4954

Special thanks to Pinky K, Sanjay S, Prashant P, Vips, Amit M, Deepak B, Kapil B, Ankur S, Manish B along with their family for being part of this evening.