My Friend Dentisha…..

toothI visit the dentist so often, I wish someone I know was from this profession but I have none from my group of friends nor from my family. This “bandhan” (relationship) between I and  the Dentist doesn’t seem to have a happy ending. Since the time I started my college I have been a frequent visitor to the dentists clinic. In fact the Dentist association should give me a “Frequent visitor” badge as a honor (same like what Airline gives its loyal customer a “Frequent flier” card).

Again, I am visiting dentist for Root canal treatment. Root canal also known as Endodontic theory (in medical terms) is a very painful theory. I am sure those who have experience it will agree with me. For those who are not aware of what is RC treatment, it’s a sequence of treatment wherein the tooth’s pulp, a small hair like tissue in the centre of the tooth is removed. The most common reason of removing this tooth pulp is due to ‘a deep cavity’, or ‘a cracked tooth’.

I have forgotten how many RC treatments I have had done. This has now become a routine for me. After every few years I have to make a visit to the dentist. RC treatment normally requires minimum of 3-4 sittings i.e. it’s a step by step process which one has to follow. Seeing me again this time at the clinic my dentist smiled at me. Her face was like now what? I said this time it’s the last upper right tooth. After examining it, she informed me that one side of the tooth is broken and hence I will have to go through the RC treatment. It’s a painful treatment and I really was not expecting it again.

Why? Why? Why me? I always question myself why do some of my teeth eventually need this treatment? I always have taken proper care of my teeth. I brush my teeth every morning and night (frankly not daily in night but if I had “Paan” then surely I do it) and then also I have to face such situation. As far as I remember this is my third tooth which has broken on its own. One side of it breaks and I have no other option left to but to do RC treatment and then put a cap on it. Infact the tooth ache is one of the worst pain and actually unbearable. I know this as I have gone through it in the past and recently am going through the experience all over again .

I generally need a couple of morphine shots to numb the area where the treatment happens. I do not like to see the needle, as soon as I see it, my doctor says I become a big baby.

I really think that it would have been better if I had married a dentist, and could have avoided visiting dental offices and making appointments. On a serious note I really would not like to see the dentist again for atleast another 5 years.

So it’s a request to all to take proper care of your teeth and brush them twice daily. And a friend of mine has also advised flossing! Yes my friends, brushing alone is not effective, we need to add flossing to our dental routine.

5 thoughts on “My Friend Dentisha…..

      1. Shweta

        I never wish anyone has to go through the ordeal of visiting a dentist!! 😛 which translates to: i never wish anyone has tooth aches 😉

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