A Day without TV…

A day without TVTV a.k.a. ‘idiot box’ is the only entertainment source for majority of people. Along with entertainment it is also a source of information, so like everything else there is good with bad. There are so many channels to watch that if one keeps on changing every channel every minute, you can end up spending couple of hours very easily.

I don’t like watching ‘Saas Bahu’ serials, so my favorite channels are SAB, Sports and occasionally news channel.

So imagine my disappointment last Thursday night when I come home and find out that our TV is taking a break! eek   Tired and exhausted from work, after all the hustling and pushing around in the train, I look forward to my downtime.

I checked with my better half and she said that it’s down since afternoon and the local cable tv guy had informed that there is some issue at the main junction and hence it will be functional only the next day. My brain froze and I was thinking now what do I do? I felt like I had nothing to do and alone, although everyone was at home. . I don’t spend too much time in front of the ‘idiot box’ but now that I couldn’t have it, I wanted it more. The question of the hour was ‘Now what?’ 🙄 . I had to do something before I sleep and hence I decided to spend time with my daughter. I and my daughter went downstairs to play badminton and then for a round of ice cream.

My daughter was so much delighted that before sleeping she said that now on every day we will play badminton and then go for ice cream instead of watching TV (I am sure this decision of hers was because of the ice-cream). No doubt, I also enjoyed playing with her and I too felt that instead of wasting time watching that “Idiot box”; its better and worth spending these precious moments with family and especially with your kids. I also have decided to stop watching serials and instead do some better activities in life.

I really appreciate the idea of Hindustan Times of “No TV Day” campaign which they have started few years back.

Dear friends, do you feel the same way as I have felt the last couple days? Also, don’t you think this way, we can target two birds with one stone, by getting some kind of exercise into our daily lives, and cutting down TV time.

6 thoughts on “A Day without TV…

  1. Saai Vijaya

    Totally, watchg tv is an absolute non creative process. You let someone else tk charge of ur thuts… which is indirectly reducing d efficiency of our brain. Instead tslkg yo oneself n unwimfg with family n frenz is a fruitful idea…:)

  2. Pinky Kapoor

    True hemang both have their own importance but its just v shd nt get addicted to tv n spending time wth family n kids are always the best choice I feel n playing wth kids u actually forget all yr worries n u r stress free

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