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Top 10 (personal) moments/achievements in 2013

top10 momentsHere I am at the end of 2013 and at the threshold of 2014 with lots of positiveness in me. Just going through the past few months of 2013 I am able to recollect many things. There has been lots of ups and downs, good and bad things that has happened in 2013. I  am sure everyone had their own memorable moments but I just thought to pen down some of mine which I could recollect at this moment.

These are the top 10 happy moments which I will cherish for long time :-

  1. I successfully completed a dozen years of my happily married life. Special Thanks to my wife for giving me all the support I needed.
  2. My daughter grew one more year older and even her height increased and she is getting more and more smarter and mature.
  3. My most memorable Amarnath Yatra which I always wanted to go and was looking out for some company from last 2-3 years and finally in June I had the opportunity to complete my dream.
  4. Shifting from old model of iPhone to new iPhone again (don’t think I can give away Apple now).
  5. I again got back into my reading habit (which I had misplaced for many years), but this time not with comics but lots of other stuff. The first break through given by my best friend PC.
  6. Again one of the most memorable and never forgetful event; reunion SJS 2013. This reunion which we had after a gap of 2 years was a blast. I made many new friends (actually not new but old school friends whom I knew but had lost touch with them from last 20 years). Incase you have missed reading it then here it is Part 1 and Part 2.
  7. Not to forget ever green Panchagani tour with school friends and all the fun we had during the trip with recollecting school days.
  8. Surprise birthday lunch invitation from my best of the best friend PC and that too on the birthday day itself. A memorable day.
  9. Also just concluded one more unforgettable tour of Ranthambore & Jaipur with my college buddies. This is third vacation this year.
  10. And of course how can I forget this part of penning down things. I started blogging and special thanks to SS who inspired me to start reading and writing this blog. Just to mention that blogs written by SS are simply awesome and I just love reading them and I still get motivated to write more and more after reading your (SS) blogs.

Since there are so many wonderful memories to remember I think I will keep this post to only the good memories, and leave the bad ones to another time. It’s always better to learn and move ahead then to cry for the bad moments in life.

I hope you all must had a wonderful 2013.

Wishing in advance Happy New Year and bright 2014

Let’s Regain 2 most important lost quality hard work and honesty.
Let’s adopt  0 tolerance policy for corruption.
Let’s have    1 vision to make India shining and smiling.
Let’s work   4 Country, Society, Business and Family.

Do have blast on the new year eve but please don’t drink and drive.

Another English Gaffe

Another English GaffeJust last week, I had been to Ranthambore, and stayed in Hotel Castle Jhoomar Baori. This hotel is counted to be one of the best hotels of RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation). I have heard that VIPs and VVIPs including politicians prefer to stay in this hotel.

Upon entering the reception area I noticed the error in the spelling of “Taxes”. A government run Hotel where in very high profile people visits very frequently can also mistype the word “Taxes”, funny isn’t it ?

As usual I could not resist myself of clicking this pic and I pointed out the same to the manager of the hotel.


My Friend Dentisha…..

toothI visit the dentist so often, I wish someone I know was from this profession but I have none from my group of friends nor from my family. This “bandhan” (relationship) between I and  the Dentist doesn’t seem to have a happy ending. Since the time I started my college I have been a frequent visitor to the dentists clinic. In fact the Dentist association should give me a “Frequent visitor” badge as a honor (same like what Airline gives its loyal customer a “Frequent flier” card).

Again, I am visiting dentist for Root canal treatment. Root canal also known as Endodontic theory (in medical terms) is a very painful theory. I am sure those who have experience it will agree with me. For those who are not aware of what is RC treatment, it’s a sequence of treatment wherein the tooth’s pulp, a small hair like tissue in the centre of the tooth is removed. The most common reason of removing this tooth pulp is due to ‘a deep cavity’, or ‘a cracked tooth’.

I have forgotten how many RC treatments I have had done. This has now become a routine for me. After every few years I have to make a visit to the dentist. RC treatment normally requires minimum of 3-4 sittings i.e. it’s a step by step process which one has to follow. Seeing me again this time at the clinic my dentist smiled at me. Her face was like now what? I said this time it’s the last upper right tooth. After examining it, she informed me that one side of the tooth is broken and hence I will have to go through the RC treatment. It’s a painful treatment and I really was not expecting it again.

Why? Why? Why me? I always question myself why do some of my teeth eventually need this treatment? I always have taken proper care of my teeth. I brush my teeth every morning and night (frankly not daily in night but if I had “Paan” then surely I do it) and then also I have to face such situation. As far as I remember this is my third tooth which has broken on its own. One side of it breaks and I have no other option left to but to do RC treatment and then put a cap on it. Infact the tooth ache is one of the worst pain and actually unbearable. I know this as I have gone through it in the past and recently am going through the experience all over again .

I generally need a couple of morphine shots to numb the area where the treatment happens. I do not like to see the needle, as soon as I see it, my doctor says I become a big baby.

I really think that it would have been better if I had married a dentist, and could have avoided visiting dental offices and making appointments. On a serious note I really would not like to see the dentist again for atleast another 5 years.

So it’s a request to all to take proper care of your teeth and brush them twice daily. And a friend of mine has also advised flossing! Yes my friends, brushing alone is not effective, we need to add flossing to our dental routine.

English Gaffe

IMG_2136Yesterday evening while standing at the signal, I noticed a Tourist car with the mark as “Tourist Vehical”.

Imagine a tourist company owning that car misspelling “Vehicle as Vehical” :).

Sorry, this is the best picture I can click as I was also on my bike waiting for the signal to turn green and upon clicking this picture, the driver as well as the passengers started giving me angry looks and hence I had to restrict with this picture only.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas !!!

Goof up !!!

DNA errorToday morning while reading DNA (Daily News & Analysis) newspaper I noticed a high value error. The article has headline mentioned “1.2 tonne of Ketamine drug seized worth Rs. 18 crores” whereas the detail of the same article mentioned the value as whopping Rs.118 crores. A gap value of Rs.100 crores. So which amount shall we digest into our selves? Is it the value of the Ketamine seized really Rs.118 crores which is just shown as Rs.18 crores or is it really a typo error??

Can’t live without it even for a day!!!

no-whatsapp-300x300It’s now 2 weeks I have stopped using Whatsapp. Yes you are reading it right, I am not on Whatsapp for 2 weeks now and I have realised the pros and cons of using and not using Whatsapp.

The day I stopped using Whatsapp I had decided to not use it for sometime (time frame is not yet decided). At the time of writing this post I am still not on Whatsapp. Now you all must be wondering how am I feeling and how can I stay without chatting? As I am very well known as a chatter box within my friends and even many in family. Even my better half thinks the same about me. And frankly I always have taken this as a compliment from all of you.

The day I removed the app from my mobile I was in the high note that I will not chat, so that day I managed without it. Next dayNo whatsapp early morning when I got up first thing I took my mobile to check for any messages (addiction) and I was shocked to see not a single message in my notification centre. Then after couple of minutes I realized that I had removed Whatsapp the earlier day. The following full day I frequently checked my mobile for any new message.  Even when my colleagues mobiles were received new message notification (because of the same model mobile and same ring tone) I was thinking I got a new message and I would reach for my mobile, so just imagine how much addictive Whatsapp is!!!

When I was in Whatsapp:-

• I was in touch with all the people in my address book provided.                                                                             No whatsapp_1

• I was updated with the status of the others like latest DP or Profile Pic

• One very good feature of Whatsapp is ‘Groups’ where in I was glued with so many people at the go.

• I use to get all the latest happenings around the world since my friend circle is global.

• Jokes, ‘shayaris’, gossips, and I was been updated about everything happening around me.

• I am part of almost 15 groups, thus so many people to communicate instantly.

Now since I m not using Whatsapp :-

• My mobile does not beep every minute. (the number of messages in a day use to be anywhere between 1300-1500 and we have only 1440 minutes in a day).

• Mobile battery life lasts longer and I just have to charge only once versus 3 times when I was using Whatsapp.

• I am getting Peace of mind because no more fights or arguments with anyone.

• I am able to get sound sleep versus I use to get up in the middle of the night to check messages and couldn’t overcome the urge to reply quickly.

• I am missing all the latest updates, jokes and yes ofcourse missing all the people whom I regularly was chatting day in and out.

No whatsapp_3Many of my friends and relatives have asked me as to why am I out of Whatsapp and I had to dodge all of them with some excuse. Frankly I cannot restrict myself from chatting and can’t stay away from my friends and had started using other medium like SMS, FB chat, Viber, iMessage, Wechat to stay in touch with them. As days are passing by I am getting better and better in ways of giving up my habit of chatting. One of my close friend tells me many times “Hemang if you can manage to stay without one particular thing for only 21 days then you can have control on that thing anytime in your life”. This advice is proving it right and am very much thankful to my friend.

But all in all I am missing the fun and few of my ‘chat’ buddies who always use to give me company chatting anytime, day or night. Hope to see you all on Whatsapp, maybe sooner or later!!!

This post is dedicated to one of my special friend….

A Day without TV…

A day without TVTV a.k.a. ‘idiot box’ is the only entertainment source for majority of people. Along with entertainment it is also a source of information, so like everything else there is good with bad. There are so many channels to watch that if one keeps on changing every channel every minute, you can end up spending couple of hours very easily.

I don’t like watching ‘Saas Bahu’ serials, so my favorite channels are SAB, Sports and occasionally news channel.

So imagine my disappointment last Thursday night when I come home and find out that our TV is taking a break! eek   Tired and exhausted from work, after all the hustling and pushing around in the train, I look forward to my downtime.

I checked with my better half and she said that it’s down since afternoon and the local cable tv guy had informed that there is some issue at the main junction and hence it will be functional only the next day. My brain froze and I was thinking now what do I do? I felt like I had nothing to do and alone, although everyone was at home. . I don’t spend too much time in front of the ‘idiot box’ but now that I couldn’t have it, I wanted it more. The question of the hour was ‘Now what?’ 🙄 . I had to do something before I sleep and hence I decided to spend time with my daughter. I and my daughter went downstairs to play badminton and then for a round of ice cream.

My daughter was so much delighted that before sleeping she said that now on every day we will play badminton and then go for ice cream instead of watching TV (I am sure this decision of hers was because of the ice-cream). No doubt, I also enjoyed playing with her and I too felt that instead of wasting time watching that “Idiot box”; its better and worth spending these precious moments with family and especially with your kids. I also have decided to stop watching serials and instead do some better activities in life.

I really appreciate the idea of Hindustan Times of “No TV Day” campaign which they have started few years back.

Dear friends, do you feel the same way as I have felt the last couple days? Also, don’t you think this way, we can target two birds with one stone, by getting some kind of exercise into our daily lives, and cutting down TV time.


working-mom-cartoonWFH a.k.a. ‘work from home’ culture is slowly gaining popularity in Indian sub continent. Soon those days will be gone where an employee had to give excuses of medical reasons or some emergency to work from home. WFH is now accepted by most of the companies, especially IT sectors. Many times WFH helps to maintain work-life balance and helps to enhance productivity.

WFH concept works typically for people who do not have to interact or there is minimal interactionwork-from-home1 with others in the company. These people have to work on laptop using the local software installed on the laptop. One of the important ways WFH helps is by saving on travel time especially in big cities like Mumbai. The amount of time spent travelling from home to office and back is equivalent to 40% of the time you spend in an office. Normally an employee spends minimum 8 hours a day in office and almost 3 hours additional for the travelling. So yes, WFH helps people to spend more time with the family while working 8 hours a day. 🙂

work-at-home-550x359The type of hectic life we live and the amount of time we spend away from family (for work matters) is affecting lot of people by spoiling their relationships with family members. Lots of companies are getting complaint from employees and many times the main reason being citied by an employee for quitting is the time lost travelling in a day. So companies like Microsoft, DELL, IBM have acknowledged WFH and think that this helps in the retention of good resources by giving option of better work-life balance.

The WFH culture picked up momentum from last 5-6 years in India, although other countries like US have been doing this for more then a decade. WFH can be most beneficial to female employees who have lot of other responsibilities at home like taking care of kids as well as other domestic chores.

WFH is not feasible for all sectors. Only people with minimum personal interaction required can use this facility. On the flipside work-from-homesome companies like Yahoo do not acknowledge the WFH culture and think that face to face interaction as well as the office environment helps in getting better productivity from an employee instead of sitting at home and working.

Indian companies still cannot digest this culture and hence many or rather most Indian organizations do not accept WFH offer.

My personal view is that WFH culture should be allowed as it helps to save time as well as balance family life too. And yes if allowed by the organisation then an employee has to seriously follow it, the reason I am mentioning this is because we Indians take everything for granted.

Does your organisation allow WFH culture? What are your views on it?

Justice or injustice?


Finally after 5 long years Special CBI court gave verdict of Life imprisonment to Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar for the much awaited Noida double murder case of Aarushi and Hemraj. The two were killed on 15-16 May 2008. Aarushi’s body was discovered murdered at her house on May 16 2008 and Hemraj’s body was found decomposed next day on the terrace. This case has travelled lots of ups and downs, twist and turns and was the hot topic of media.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar (both are Dentist by profession) parents of Arushi age 14 then, killed their only daughter and Hemraj aged 45 then their domestic help. This double murder had rocked the whole world. Special CBI court has sentenced Rajesh and Nupur for life imprisonment.

How can one kill their own only daughter? Kids are always special to all their parents. Specially for mothers, as she is the one who has taken so much pain carrying the small one in her stomach for 9 months. Such gruesome act is not at all acceptable to the society and accused should be rightly punished for the same. Even after the verdict there is no guilt seen on Rajesh’s and Nupur’s face and are even not ashamed to have committed such gruesome crime.

Daughter is said to be gift of love. Daughters are most precious to their parents. Giving “Kanyadan” is one of the biggest donation parents can give and after marriage at the time of “Bidai” (bidding farewell to her daughter) parents cry the most. And here the Talwars showed no mercy towards their own daughter and killed her without any motive (even if there was a reason to punish their daughter or the help, yet is death the right punishment parents can give their child?).

Thinking of committing such cruelty is beyond human imagination. Such people could not be normal human beings.

Justice or injustice … does anyone out there care? The point is that one young girl life was taken away even before she could experience it fully.