Panchgani – a destination to have fun with friends and create wonderful memories!


View from balcony

2 weeks back I had been to Panchgani and it was one of the most memorable vacations I have had till now. We were seven schools friends along with their families. The trip memories are etched in my mind and with them I can rewind to my good old days 🙂

This all started few months back when we were at one of my friends place. We all decided to go for a overnight picnic and were trying to search for a destination which we all can go. We had a virtual tour of half of India ad finally narrowed down to Panchgani. We rented one big bunglow which had 5 bedrooms and 2 more rooms from the adjacent bungalow along with a cook. Leaving our worries were behind, we all just wanted to have a good time.

IMG_1023               IMG_0733               IMG_0732

School friends are always the best buddies. While in school learning together, we also grew up together. Meeting and spending so much time with them now after two decades of leaving the school means digging up lots of old memories. Topics like how naughty we were, remembering all the punishments we got, discussing who the best teacher was, or the prettiest one, remembering the smartest kids, and least but not the last recollecting all the beautiful girls from our batch…. and the topics were endless. Each day a new topic and then never ending discussion on the same. Given a chance I still would like to go back in my school days….

Even our kids had a ball of time. Full day, right from the word go till they fell asleep they all were playing badminton, cricket, dancing and so on. Also our better halves got comfortable with each other and they too had a good time, mostly gossiping!


Vally view from balcony

The climate was awesome and being the start of the winter season also Panchgani being a hill station, nights are more colder. We enjoyed the cool breeze at nights and even the early morning fresh air. We did not even realise how our four nights stay came to an end, we were all sad to leave.

Panchgani is famous for Asia’s second largest Plateau aka Table Land. We also visited famous Karthikswamy Caves and old Mahabaleshwar during our stay.

I had a memorable trip with my school friends along with our families and I am hoping to have many more in future.

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