Thinking back of the old days…

This post I am writing in multitasking with watching my favorite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar playing his last test match.

Childhood are the best days in anyone’s life. Especially the school days where we have spend most of the time doing all the Dhinga Masti :). And I bet that those who have missed doing all the Grand Masti in childhood will surely be repenting now.

It is now more then 2 decades passed since I cleared my Xth standard and so are the school days. The amount of time we spend in studies was equivalent to the time we played in a day. Playing was all out-door games with building friends. Best part was there was not much of Television during my growing up, no mobiles and tablets too … so we had all the time to play all sort of out-door games. And all out-door games were seasonal for example in Rainy season we use to play football, gilli danda, carrom; in Winter season badminton, stop party, chupa chupi (hide n seek), Chain tag (Saakli); in Summers goti (marbles), cards and yes Cricket was round the year. There was no season for playing Cricket. How can I forget the different color pepsi colas we use to have during summer vacations, I still get tempted to have one.

Marbles         gilli danda          pepsi cola

I really feel pity for the current generation kids who really don’t get to play any such games which we have played in our childhood :(. Television, computer, tablets are the toys for the current generation. The games we had played outdoor, they now play on computer or on tablets.

No worries, no tension, no responsibility; just studies and playing; that’s what I use to do in my childhood, infact we all must have done the same. Pressure was there on us for studies but not the type like what we have currently after growing up.

I really Thank God for this wonderful life and if given a chance, I would definitely like to rewind myself to my childhood days, & one more time would like to enjoy all that I cannot do today and also the current generation is not doing it.

Wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!

12 thoughts on “Thinking back of the old days…

  1. Atul koradiya

    It’s very true bro…! We enjoyed our childhood much more then our new generation…!
    But they r in modern generation they don’t even have a time to enjoy their childhood, we r responsible for that somehow, we expecting them to run with the new era of education… karte class, music class, dance class etc etc…
    We r making them to do so….. Anyways
    Chal KOIBA khelte hai….

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Atul in our time also there were dance class, drawing class etc.. And we all use to attend such classes. But then also we use to play and enjoy. Chal I m ready to play koiba today also …. 🙂

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