BBM without a berry

“This is my BBM pin no#” or “Here is my BBM pin” or “Please add my BBM pin ….” These are the only sentences I am hearing now aBBM Pin days from everyone. Since Blackberry has introduced BBM messaging across cross platform i.e. Android and iOs, people are going crazy. One can see BBM pin in their status updates on FB and Twitter and even on Whatsapp 🙂

Nearly after a month delay, Blackberry launched BBM messaging for Android and iOs users. All one needs to do is download the app from Google store or App store and register oneself using his/her email id. Initially for the first 2-3 days after the launch, Blackberry received heavy traffic for downloading as well as new user registration. The delay to receive your BBM pin was 2-3 days. Blackberry said that there were 10 million BBM downloads in 24 hours since the launch.

Does this mean that Blackberry will survive the market which Android and Apple took away from it. Main reason Blackberry could not survive was partly lack of its delay in launching new models with touch screen, also no upgradation of its OS. As soon as Blackberry realized this, they launched Z10 but it was too late and by this time Android and Apple had overtook the market share of Blackberry.

I have used blackberry handset for more then 2 years before shifting to iPhone and I really liked the BBM feature it had. Yes BBM was one of the main feature that helped Blackberry to capture Indian market. BBM chat was limited to only Blackberry handset users. Then upon the introduction of Whatsapp on Android and iOs, there was a new player in town. By then I had also moved from Blackberry. Maybe it was a wise decision at that time. Whatsapp is much better, easy and convenient to use and chat with people. The biggest drawback of BBM was one needed BBM pin to add a new contact. The same is still required after the new launch. Whereas in Whatsapp one does not need to request anyone for PIN number, etc; if they are using Whatsapp, and are in your contact list, you can see them automatically, how convenient! 😀

I did not register on BBM. And why should I do? I don’t see any reason or feature which compels me to the BBM app. And then again asking everyone’s pin is additional headache. I am happy to use Whatsapp. I am able to interact with all those I need to through Whatsapp. Unfortunately BBM has not come up with any attractive features that are unique to BBM, which is the main reason I’m not yet convinced with cross platform BBM eek 😯

bbm-service-for-android-and-iPhoneBlackberry claims to have added 20 million new users on BBM. Those are big numbers and yes the cross platform BBM launch was a success to Blackberry, but will these numbers really help them to capture the market again? Or are those numbers just a flash in the pan?

The future of BBM isn’t clear at this point, but based on my opinion and what I have read till now, I’m doubtful that the service can continue its forward momentum. It just doesn’t offer enough advantages over the other established cross-platform apps.

Disclaimer  : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. This post is not aimed for offence at anyone!

10 thoughts on “BBM without a berry

  1. Shweta

    I still use a Blackberry handset. the irony being without a BB Messenger. 😛
    I discontinued the use of BBM since it was proving a bit heavy on my pocket and I had majority of friends on watsapp. 😀
    However, I do maintain that BBM is better than whatsapp, since it offers you a privacy and the liberty to add a person only if you wish to and you display pic / status will not be open to the whole world!!


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