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Just as you hear this word, a lot of people will cringe and give excuses as to why they are unable to find time to exercise :-|.

The kind of life style we live and the type of junk food we eat, our body needs some sort of workout. Everyday I think that from tomorrow I will start exercising daily, be it walking, skipping, push-ups, cycling, swimming, etc …  I will start some form of exercise for sure and tomorrow never comes.

I am a “Walker” and I make a point that I walk for few kilometers everyday; walking from home to railway station and to office and back. As most days, mornings are always busy, I try my best to leave home bit early so that I could walk to station and catch my regular train. But this all happens only once or twice a week and I end up reaching station by bus or auto-rickshaw. After getting down at Lower Parel railway station, the closest one to my office, mixture of heat and laziness takes over and I end up in a taxi or bus  and get to the office. So I just end up walking half the distance of what I had initially planned ;-).

Next option which can be conveniently done at home are skipping or a jump rope or simple push-ups in the morning. Again to do any such exercise, I need to spare some time before getting ready and this means I need to get up earlier. With every intention I set my alarm every day to wake up a bit early but again I am successful only a couple times a week. Everyday the alarm rings and I hit snooze (thanks to the amazing developers who design such marvellous options) and hence by the time my eyes opens, it is already late and soon it is time to leave for office.

Since both the above two did not work out, this made me think of one more alternative and this time I was tough on my decision to go for swimming on weekends (Saturday and Sunday being holidays for me). Not to mention again that I hardly go or rather drag myself for swimming. Few of the many reasons being, Friday and Saturday late night parties with friends or family or if I am at home, I like to watch movies. So do I need to say that I don’t go swimming… 😀

End result is that I am a bag of lazy bones and I don’t do more than the daily routine work. All above are just my excuses of not exercising regularly, is my post on Exercising or Excusizing? What do you think?

Panchgani – a destination to have fun with friends and create wonderful memories!


View from balcony

2 weeks back I had been to Panchgani and it was one of the most memorable vacations I have had till now. We were seven schools friends along with their families. The trip memories are etched in my mind and with them I can rewind to my good old days 🙂

This all started few months back when we were at one of my friends place. We all decided to go for a overnight picnic and were trying to search for a destination which we all can go. We had a virtual tour of half of India ad finally narrowed down to Panchgani. We rented one big bunglow which had 5 bedrooms and 2 more rooms from the adjacent bungalow along with a cook. Leaving our worries were behind, we all just wanted to have a good time.

IMG_1023               IMG_0733               IMG_0732

School friends are always the best buddies. While in school learning together, we also grew up together. Meeting and spending so much time with them now after two decades of leaving the school means digging up lots of old memories. Topics like how naughty we were, remembering all the punishments we got, discussing who the best teacher was, or the prettiest one, remembering the smartest kids, and least but not the last recollecting all the beautiful girls from our batch…. and the topics were endless. Each day a new topic and then never ending discussion on the same. Given a chance I still would like to go back in my school days….

Even our kids had a ball of time. Full day, right from the word go till they fell asleep they all were playing badminton, cricket, dancing and so on. Also our better halves got comfortable with each other and they too had a good time, mostly gossiping!


Vally view from balcony

The climate was awesome and being the start of the winter season also Panchgani being a hill station, nights are more colder. We enjoyed the cool breeze at nights and even the early morning fresh air. We did not even realise how our four nights stay came to an end, we were all sad to leave.

Panchgani is famous for Asia’s second largest Plateau aka Table Land. We also visited famous Karthikswamy Caves and old Mahabaleshwar during our stay.

I had a memorable trip with my school friends along with our families and I am hoping to have many more in future.

Thinking back of the old days…

This post I am writing in multitasking with watching my favorite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar playing his last test match.

Childhood are the best days in anyone’s life. Especially the school days where we have spend most of the time doing all the Dhinga Masti :). And I bet that those who have missed doing all the Grand Masti in childhood will surely be repenting now.

It is now more then 2 decades passed since I cleared my Xth standard and so are the school days. The amount of time we spend in studies was equivalent to the time we played in a day. Playing was all out-door games with building friends. Best part was there was not much of Television during my growing up, no mobiles and tablets too … so we had all the time to play all sort of out-door games. And all out-door games were seasonal for example in Rainy season we use to play football, gilli danda, carrom; in Winter season badminton, stop party, chupa chupi (hide n seek), Chain tag (Saakli); in Summers goti (marbles), cards and yes Cricket was round the year. There was no season for playing Cricket. How can I forget the different color pepsi colas we use to have during summer vacations, I still get tempted to have one.

Marbles         gilli danda          pepsi cola

I really feel pity for the current generation kids who really don’t get to play any such games which we have played in our childhood :(. Television, computer, tablets are the toys for the current generation. The games we had played outdoor, they now play on computer or on tablets.

No worries, no tension, no responsibility; just studies and playing; that’s what I use to do in my childhood, infact we all must have done the same. Pressure was there on us for studies but not the type like what we have currently after growing up.

I really Thank God for this wonderful life and if given a chance, I would definitely like to rewind myself to my childhood days, & one more time would like to enjoy all that I cannot do today and also the current generation is not doing it.

Wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!

BBM without a berry

“This is my BBM pin no#” or “Here is my BBM pin” or “Please add my BBM pin ….” These are the only sentences I am hearing now aBBM Pin days from everyone. Since Blackberry has introduced BBM messaging across cross platform i.e. Android and iOs, people are going crazy. One can see BBM pin in their status updates on FB and Twitter and even on Whatsapp 🙂

Nearly after a month delay, Blackberry launched BBM messaging for Android and iOs users. All one needs to do is download the app from Google store or App store and register oneself using his/her email id. Initially for the first 2-3 days after the launch, Blackberry received heavy traffic for downloading as well as new user registration. The delay to receive your BBM pin was 2-3 days. Blackberry said that there were 10 million BBM downloads in 24 hours since the launch.

Does this mean that Blackberry will survive the market which Android and Apple took away from it. Main reason Blackberry could not survive was partly lack of its delay in launching new models with touch screen, also no upgradation of its OS. As soon as Blackberry realized this, they launched Z10 but it was too late and by this time Android and Apple had overtook the market share of Blackberry.

I have used blackberry handset for more then 2 years before shifting to iPhone and I really liked the BBM feature it had. Yes BBM was one of the main feature that helped Blackberry to capture Indian market. BBM chat was limited to only Blackberry handset users. Then upon the introduction of Whatsapp on Android and iOs, there was a new player in town. By then I had also moved from Blackberry. Maybe it was a wise decision at that time. Whatsapp is much better, easy and convenient to use and chat with people. The biggest drawback of BBM was one needed BBM pin to add a new contact. The same is still required after the new launch. Whereas in Whatsapp one does not need to request anyone for PIN number, etc; if they are using Whatsapp, and are in your contact list, you can see them automatically, how convenient! 😀

I did not register on BBM. And why should I do? I don’t see any reason or feature which compels me to the BBM app. And then again asking everyone’s pin is additional headache. I am happy to use Whatsapp. I am able to interact with all those I need to through Whatsapp. Unfortunately BBM has not come up with any attractive features that are unique to BBM, which is the main reason I’m not yet convinced with cross platform BBM eek 😯

bbm-service-for-android-and-iPhoneBlackberry claims to have added 20 million new users on BBM. Those are big numbers and yes the cross platform BBM launch was a success to Blackberry, but will these numbers really help them to capture the market again? Or are those numbers just a flash in the pan?

The future of BBM isn’t clear at this point, but based on my opinion and what I have read till now, I’m doubtful that the service can continue its forward momentum. It just doesn’t offer enough advantages over the other established cross-platform apps.

Disclaimer  : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. This post is not aimed for offence at anyone!

Festival of Dance

I know its Diwali time and I am still dancing on Navratri tune, but I could not resist myself writing this.Navratri_Maa_Durga

Navratri – a Hindu festival widely celebrated across India. This is a very auspicious festival.

Navratri if split up then “Nav” means nine and “ratri” means nite. So the full festival is of nine nights and ten days. Navratri comes 5 times a year. Different Goddess are worshiped in different states of India.

The Navratri which comes during Sharad month (Hindu calendar) is the one which we all enjoy the most. This is the time where people play Garba. Garba is traditionally played around a “Garbha Deep” (a round decorated pot wherein one diva is lighted inside the pot) along with image or statue of Goddess Durga or Amba. Garba is played in circle of Garbha Deep which indicates our life cycle (from birth to life to death and again rebirth).

navratri-festivalsBut now the trend has totally changed. Lately since last one decade this festival has turned into a money making business. Earlier there were many societies who use to follow the old trend of Garba, but slowly slowly this festival has died down. Societies have stopped celebrating Navratri and hence people are forced to go out to play Garba. They end up spending more money and in return have less time; Mumbai has restriction of playing loudspeakers till 10pm. It has turned into a profit making – industry thus killing the true spirit of the festivity. For the younger generation, these Nine nights is just meant for fun and outing with friends. I am sure no one knows the importance of playing Garba but during these nine nights people just want to go out and enjoy with friends. I have seen people playing Garba even on Hindi Bollywood music. Is this what our ancestors, our great grand fathers have left behind for us to follow?

And yes there are still many who really love playing Garba and know the importance of the tradition. These are the ones who play Garba and truly enjoy the festival the most.

I still remember my school days when we use to celebrate Navratri for full nine nights in my old society and people from our neighbouring societies also use to come to play Garba. Dance competition, fancy dress, housie were some of the extra cultural programs we use to organize during those nine nights. It was really fun. I really miss those days.

I personally feel more and more individual society needs to start celebrating such festivals in their society ground and should make the younger generation aware of the importance of the tradition.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year !!!