Never ending list of Holidays ….

Just few days back on 2nd October was “Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti” and a public holiday for all schools, colleges, government offices as well as most private offices. Did you really celebrated Ganhiji’s birthday with a traditional birthday cake? What is the importance of Gandhiji’s birthday in our day to day life? I personally have no answer to any of the above questions :-|.

We are just happy that we got a holiday and a day off from your daily routine. But do you ever stop and think how this impacts the productivity of our country? Can you imagine losing one more day of production? Does it not affect the growth and progress of our nation? And that too in a country like India, the only country where we celebrate so many festivals and birthdays of our leaders as compare to any other country in the world.

Person who is employed is happy to get such paid holidays and he will enjoy the benefits too. But what about people who are daily-wage earner? Is it not a loss to them on such public holidays? These are the people who earn money on daily basis and one day of “No production” means no earning on that day. It means they are denied of their bread and butter that day :(.

Let us also not forget some important services like Police, Army, Fire brigade, Hospitals, Call centres and such similar services who are working round the clock for 365 days. They are not close and we cannot afford it if they stop working and enjoy such public holidays. Such holidays for the rest of the people means an opportunity for enjoying long weekends, one or two paid holidays along with Public holidays and holidaying out of Mumbai. If you recollect I had mentioned the same in one of my earlier post Hum Hai Hindustani too.

I don’t think Mahatma Gandhi wanted us to stop working and enjoy a public holiday on his birthday. Rather he would be happy to see us all working hard, as he himself used to. With all due respect to all our freedom fighters and great personalities of our country, we need to think whether we are really justifying the holiday we get on these occasions of birthdays or death anniversary? I would not like to get into this deeply as this can hurt someone’s sentiment. These are just purely my views that it is high time we gave a thought to the quantum of holidays we enjoy ….

What did you do on this day? Do you agree with my views? If you do agree or don’t agree, I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: This is a personal web-blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. This post is not aimed for offense at anyone!

7 thoughts on “Never ending list of Holidays ….

  1. Sandeep

    It may not be Gandhiji’s birthday which is important in our day to day life but his principles and ideologies which are important and sadly many (or rather most) people think they are irrelevant in today’s world.

  2. Parag Karnik

    Hey Hemang … just read your blog. The holiday on Gandhi jayanti is to pay homage to Father of Nation. He manage to fight against the giants-Britishers with his main weapon non-violence or Satyagraha is the learning to all Indians. A holiday is a tribute to this gr8 soul and sort of thanks giving to him and his
    entire team of freedom fighters to relievethe country from the dominance od Britishers.


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