Sale Sale Sale !!!

Four letter word which leaves a big impact on everyone. Come July – Aug and one could see posters of Sale every where. Shops are dressed with ‘Sale’ banners.

There are so many types of Sale ….Sale

  • “Monsoon Sale” – sounds better in the month of July as it’s monsoon season in progress but then why there are no “Summer Sale” in April and “Winter Sale” in December ?
  • “Clearance Sale” – As the name says, its understandable that old stock need to be cleared but when visiting you don’t find old stock on sale nor later fresh collection being added by the shopkeeper too.
  • “End of Season Sale” – huh? Which season ends in July? But shop keepers do prefer to keep such name for the customers.

But now, as time is changing there are new innovative methods of luring customers into the shop. New ideas are implemented as compare to the old ones (mentioned above). Now you will find “Sale up to xx off”. This “up to” is tempting, for example “Sale up to 70%” and upon visiting into such store one will find only handful of products which has 70% off and rest are all around 20-30% off. Few branded shops have started with new policy of giving additional discount on the Sale percentage (i.e. Sale of 40% discount plus additional 10%) incase you are a loyal customer or you are a member. Other small malls have started new trend of “Mega Sale”, wherein all the shops in that mall will have something to offer as discount.

Sale_1Many have opted for “Buy 1 get 1 free” or “Buy 2 and get 3 free” or “But 1 get 30% off” or “Buy 2 get 40% off ”. Some shops have come up with idea of just “Only 1 day Sale” or “Just Today Sale” which they offer it on special days. All these new trendy ideas are eye catching and nice way to pull customers. Even online shopping websites are giving huge discounts to their customers. Discounts offered are as big 85% off. How can they afford giving such huge discount ? Does it mean the actual value of the product is just the 15% of tag price ?

Few things to consider and give a serious thought:

  • are these sales genuine?
  • do they help save money?
  • does the store owner make more money or lose money when he offers discount ?
  • are the Sale items not the rejected stocks ?
  • do the store owner really keep the price tag of the product same during the sale or do they increase it and then put the stock in Sale ?
  • do a consumer really benefit by shopping during the Sale season ?

 All these questions will always be left open for answers.

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