Skywalk – Worth walking!!!

Skywalk as it says are actually built to connect Mumbai suburban railway stations to other destinations. The main purpose of Skywalk is to connect one place to many other places so as to avoid congestion on the roads. Skywalks help commuters travel freely without any hassle or traffic.

Last week, I just happened to travel thru one of the 36 Skywalks which are built in Mumbai area. This is coz I got down at the Kandivali Western Express highway and as usual I was searching for an auto (which itself is a big task) to reach station. There were many more people like me desperately waiting for an auto and I also like them tried searching one. After a long search and wait, I still did not find an auto and then it was getting dark (due to rainy clouds :)). And yes it started raining and I was left with no choice but to take shelter somewhere. Neareast shelter I found were the steps to get on the Skywalk and I just ran and climbed the Skywalk.

This was my first walk and an experience on the much debated Skywalks in Mumbai. Debated coz Skywalks have received lots of criticism from many political parties and even from private organisations who had conducted survey on the usage of it.

Again back to Skywalk, I started walking on it (almost 1 km long) looking around as its quiet high above the ground (almost 2 floors of building). The rains added to my delightful walk and I happily with no vehicular traffic or any vendors (which are common on any roads and footpath near to the railway station) started moving ahead. One could even see proper sign boards and benches for people to rest. I could not restrict clicking the below pics.

Skywalk_1 Skywalk_2 Skywalk_3

I felt much better walking on the Skywalk as compare to walking on the road for many reasons. Main was one could walk freely and secondly no noise pollution at all. Honking of vehicles, vegetable / fruit sellers shouting on top of their voices all left below the Skywalk. These voices could not reach my ears since I was high above their decibel levels. I am sure that the time taken to reach the other end of the Skywalk was less as compare to the walk I would have taken on the busy road trying to push people coming in my way and dodging the heavy vehicular traffic.

Although there are always prons and cons, Skywalks are useful for many and if  MMRDA had built all such Skywalks with proper planning then maybe it would have been more useful to all. And I hope the concern authorities taking care of Skywalks will be able to keep beggars away and say no to political banners too.

How much ever criticism the survey company has said for building Skywalks in Mumbai, now onwards I would always prefer Skywalking!!!

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