Bumpy ride from Home to Office ….

Today for tIMG_5424he first time in this monsoon I traveled by road from home to office and what a enjoying ride I had (as now a days I travel by Western Railway 🙂 ). No need to goto Esselworld or any Disneyland, same experience you will get it free of charge on Mumbai roads. Esselworld nahi jaunga mein, sirf Western Express pe ride lunga mein …..

The road conditions are Pathetic. Pathetic seems to be a better work upon looking at the pot holes. At some places the size of the pot holes are such big that a small toddler can swim inside it. So imagine the condition of the cars which runs daily on the same route and even the condition of the riders who are into that car. For a biker no chance to cross such pot holes. Am sure once the bike wheel goes inside it will not dare to come out only… such are the big “Ghadaas” (see the pics I have clicked today morning). You all must be thinking and saying what’s new in this… it’s a every year story. True, but year by year the road condition and number of pot holes are increasing and our BMC is not bothered at all. Did I mention BMC…. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation- the same body we have elected them last time. Your and mine vote helped them to get this position, so its not their fault of not carrying their duty on time. Next time we need to think twice before electing someone.

                                     IMG_5420     IMG_5415

Sorry to go off track but can’t help removing my frustration on BMC. Yes the ride was joyful, as firstly I had got a lift from my office colleague, so I was not driving and secondly I was relaxing in the car. I had thought I will catch up with some sleep in the car which I normally use to do before monsoon started and also I had got up early, but alas my thoughts were just jumping up and down all the way and could not catch a single minute sleep. After every few meters one can feel Humpty Dumpty ride. Thanks to the pot holes. Even time to reach office today was almost double the time I use to reach 2 months back (inspite of starting as early as 7.15 am from home). So taking into account so much time wasted of all those traveling by road plus the amount of fuel getting consumed is beyond imaginable. But who cares of such statistics???

Just a caution message to all Bikers, they really have to be careful, the pot holes at some places are too dangerous. Also due to such road conditions am sure many people who are regular road traveler must be getting back ache too.

All in all till the roads are repaired which I think will not happen before Diwali wish you all HaPpY BuMsOoN ride 🙂 !!!

6 thoughts on “Bumpy ride from Home to Office ….

  1. Shweta Shirodaria

    Agreed!! It cant be more real than this! There are accidents also due to the HUGE potholes! We complain and complain….but in vain!! All the year we suffer traffic congestion due to “work-in-progress” of the roads..but the “new” roads cannot even bear the wrath of the 1st monsoons!! Disgusting!

  2. Bhavesh

    Lucky me. Away from such frustration. Are Bhai if we make good roads, to next year kaam kava se milega. Be part of our corrupted culture Bhai, do not complain, nobody is their to listen. ha change your vote.
    Trust me at least their is road n potholes. Other place, their is only mud :):).

    1. hemangfans Post author

      Yes u r rite. No use complaining. No one is there to listen to us. And corruption is everywhere. So have to be part of it even if we don’t like to be.

  3. Sandeep

    The situation is really horrible. Handful few are making money and we are loosing time and money (on fuel, car maint,) both.
    Hope fully it will improve someday as we are a “DEVELOPING ECONOMY”:)


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