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Sale Sale Sale !!!

Four letter word which leaves a big impact on everyone. Come July – Aug and one could see posters of Sale every where. Shops are dressed with ‘Sale’ banners.

There are so many types of Sale ….Sale

  • “Monsoon Sale” – sounds better in the month of July as it’s monsoon season in progress but then why there are no “Summer Sale” in April and “Winter Sale” in December ?
  • “Clearance Sale” – As the name says, its understandable that old stock need to be cleared but when visiting you don’t find old stock on sale nor later fresh collection being added by the shopkeeper too.
  • “End of Season Sale” – huh? Which season ends in July? But shop keepers do prefer to keep such name for the customers.

But now, as time is changing there are new innovative methods of luring customers into the shop. New ideas are implemented as compare to the old ones (mentioned above). Now you will find “Sale up to xx off”. This “up to” is tempting, for example “Sale up to 70%” and upon visiting into such store one will find only handful of products which has 70% off and rest are all around 20-30% off. Few branded shops have started with new policy of giving additional discount on the Sale percentage (i.e. Sale of 40% discount plus additional 10%) incase you are a loyal customer or you are a member. Other small malls have started new trend of “Mega Sale”, wherein all the shops in that mall will have something to offer as discount.

Sale_1Many have opted for “Buy 1 get 1 free” or “Buy 2 and get 3 free” or “But 1 get 30% off” or “Buy 2 get 40% off ”. Some shops have come up with idea of just “Only 1 day Sale” or “Just Today Sale” which they offer it on special days. All these new trendy ideas are eye catching and nice way to pull customers. Even online shopping websites are giving huge discounts to their customers. Discounts offered are as big 85% off. How can they afford giving such huge discount ? Does it mean the actual value of the product is just the 15% of tag price ?

Few things to consider and give a serious thought:

  • are these sales genuine?
  • do they help save money?
  • does the store owner make more money or lose money when he offers discount ?
  • are the Sale items not the rejected stocks ?
  • do the store owner really keep the price tag of the product same during the sale or do they increase it and then put the stock in Sale ?
  • do a consumer really benefit by shopping during the Sale season ?

 All these questions will always be left open for answers.

Hum hai Hindustani


66 years back in 1947 we got freedom from British rulers. Those who have seen the freedom movement really feel proud to celebrate 15th August as Independence Day. We also have studied in our school about how our great freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to free India from British raj. Great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Veer Savarkar, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Chandra Shekhar Azad and many more ….

So how is Independence Day celebrated ? Many ways….. Schools have flag hoisting ceremony with students singing patriotic songs. Societies also do have flag hoisting ceremony along with entertainment like games, dance, singing competition followed my lunch. Offices celebrates Independence Day one day prior by decorating full office with our tri color balloons or flags  And at home also people watch the Independence day celebration on TV (Doordarshan channel, most viewed once in a year).

So what about the left over people ? What do they do ? How do they celebrate Independence Day ? Yes I am talking especially about Mumbaikars who always just wanting to go out of Mumbai for a long weekend to relieve stress. People are always on the lookout for a holiday which will fall on a weekend or starting of the week so that one can enjoy the long weekend. People plan out months before and would not like to miss such opportunity.

So are these people not patriotic ? Do they not feel for their country ? Have they forgotten the sacrifice given by our great freedom fighters to free India from Britishers ? Well if at all you ask all these questions to people than am sure answer will be no. We all love our country and we all are proud to be an Indian. Many times I also have planned weekend outings on our National holidays but this does not stop my loyalty towards my country. It’s just that people want to unwind themselves to get tension free from many things and hence plan for outing on such days (includes Republic day, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti too).

India is my country and am proud to be an Indian. Lets all pledge to be a good citizen and end corruption in India.

Jai Hind !!! Jai Bharat !!! Jai Javan Jai Kishan !!! Vande Mataram !!! Bharat Mata ki Jai !!!

Skywalk – Worth walking!!!

Skywalk as it says are actually built to connect Mumbai suburban railway stations to other destinations. The main purpose of Skywalk is to connect one place to many other places so as to avoid congestion on the roads. Skywalks help commuters travel freely without any hassle or traffic.

Last week, I just happened to travel thru one of the 36 Skywalks which are built in Mumbai area. This is coz I got down at the Kandivali Western Express highway and as usual I was searching for an auto (which itself is a big task) to reach station. There were many more people like me desperately waiting for an auto and I also like them tried searching one. After a long search and wait, I still did not find an auto and then it was getting dark (due to rainy clouds :)). And yes it started raining and I was left with no choice but to take shelter somewhere. Neareast shelter I found were the steps to get on the Skywalk and I just ran and climbed the Skywalk.

This was my first walk and an experience on the much debated Skywalks in Mumbai. Debated coz Skywalks have received lots of criticism from many political parties and even from private organisations who had conducted survey on the usage of it.

Again back to Skywalk, I started walking on it (almost 1 km long) looking around as its quiet high above the ground (almost 2 floors of building). The rains added to my delightful walk and I happily with no vehicular traffic or any vendors (which are common on any roads and footpath near to the railway station) started moving ahead. One could even see proper sign boards and benches for people to rest. I could not restrict clicking the below pics.

Skywalk_1 Skywalk_2 Skywalk_3

I felt much better walking on the Skywalk as compare to walking on the road for many reasons. Main was one could walk freely and secondly no noise pollution at all. Honking of vehicles, vegetable / fruit sellers shouting on top of their voices all left below the Skywalk. These voices could not reach my ears since I was high above their decibel levels. I am sure that the time taken to reach the other end of the Skywalk was less as compare to the walk I would have taken on the busy road trying to push people coming in my way and dodging the heavy vehicular traffic.

Although there are always prons and cons, Skywalks are useful for many and if  MMRDA had built all such Skywalks with proper planning then maybe it would have been more useful to all. And I hope the concern authorities taking care of Skywalks will be able to keep beggars away and say no to political banners too.

How much ever criticism the survey company has said for building Skywalks in Mumbai, now onwards I would always prefer Skywalking!!!

Phubbing – a bad habit !!!

Phubbing, short form of Phone Snubbing – The act of ignoring someone by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

Imagine yourself having conversation with a friend and he starts checking his phone during the middle of the conversation. Not only he checks the phone but also starts replying to texts and emails.Phubbing

Since the invention of smartphones, people have shown increasingly poor social behavioural skills. People texting, tweeting, emailing and facebooking, all from their phones while in the presence of others.

Bad effects of Phubbing :-

  • Due to Phubbing face to face relationship is getting over.
  • Personal Communication is getting eradicated and phone is used as the medium to say something.
  • Partners are seen sitting in silence doing something on their phones rather than talking with each other.

Symptoms of one being a Phubber :-

  • Making frequent status updates on facebook
  • Always texting continuously via SMS or whatsapp
  • Always laughing looking at the phone screen
  • Constantly tweeting
  • Updating location on Foursquare
  • And not the least sexting too.

Don’t you think day by day number of Phubbers are increasing in our society. One can find a Phubber in trains, restaurants, pubs, cinema halls, parks, airports, in the streets, social functions, meetings, lectures, parties and the list is endless.

You will never find them within the crowd. They always prefer to be sitting alone. A Phubber is never attentive to what other is saying or rather is only paying attention in his/her phone. Phubber is so much use to his /her phone that it has become a necessity in life. Phubber will never know or realise when they can and cannot use their phone.

Just a cautious note to Phubbers to never use your phone :-

  • During a job interview
  • On a date
  • At a wedding
  • While having conversation with anyone

Phubbing is spreading like a contagious disease across the world. Global campaigns have started to stop this phone snubbing and its fast gathering support across the globe.

Phubbing_1I too am supporting this cause and saying no to Phubbing. Hope you all too support it.

Bumpy ride from Home to Office ….

Today for tIMG_5424he first time in this monsoon I traveled by road from home to office and what a enjoying ride I had (as now a days I travel by Western Railway 🙂 ). No need to goto Esselworld or any Disneyland, same experience you will get it free of charge on Mumbai roads. Esselworld nahi jaunga mein, sirf Western Express pe ride lunga mein …..

The road conditions are Pathetic. Pathetic seems to be a better work upon looking at the pot holes. At some places the size of the pot holes are such big that a small toddler can swim inside it. So imagine the condition of the cars which runs daily on the same route and even the condition of the riders who are into that car. For a biker no chance to cross such pot holes. Am sure once the bike wheel goes inside it will not dare to come out only… such are the big “Ghadaas” (see the pics I have clicked today morning). You all must be thinking and saying what’s new in this… it’s a every year story. True, but year by year the road condition and number of pot holes are increasing and our BMC is not bothered at all. Did I mention BMC…. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation- the same body we have elected them last time. Your and mine vote helped them to get this position, so its not their fault of not carrying their duty on time. Next time we need to think twice before electing someone.

                                     IMG_5420     IMG_5415

Sorry to go off track but can’t help removing my frustration on BMC. Yes the ride was joyful, as firstly I had got a lift from my office colleague, so I was not driving and secondly I was relaxing in the car. I had thought I will catch up with some sleep in the car which I normally use to do before monsoon started and also I had got up early, but alas my thoughts were just jumping up and down all the way and could not catch a single minute sleep. After every few meters one can feel Humpty Dumpty ride. Thanks to the pot holes. Even time to reach office today was almost double the time I use to reach 2 months back (inspite of starting as early as 7.15 am from home). So taking into account so much time wasted of all those traveling by road plus the amount of fuel getting consumed is beyond imaginable. But who cares of such statistics???

Just a caution message to all Bikers, they really have to be careful, the pot holes at some places are too dangerous. Also due to such road conditions am sure many people who are regular road traveler must be getting back ache too.

All in all till the roads are repaired which I think will not happen before Diwali wish you all HaPpY BuMsOoN ride 🙂 !!!